Kids Crafts – Buggy Bug Trap

Got any idea what kind of bugs crawl around at night? Here’s a great way to find out! It’s simple to make—and you never know what bug might stop by! Best of all, once you’ve looked them over, you can let them go on their way!

What you Need

  • A Mason-type glass canning jar (any kind of clear glass jar will do, though)
  • A shovel or something to dig with
  • A small piece of board
  • A few small rocks

What you do

  1. Make sure your jar doesn’t have any labels on it (if it does, you won’t be able to see the bugs!)
  2. Find a bush or a spot where the dirt is soft and moist, and dig a hole just slightly larger than your jar. Make sure the hole is deep enough so the mouth of the jar is even with the dirt
  3. Arrange your rocks around the jar and place the your small piece of board over them. Make sure the bugs have room to get in between the rocks, making it easy for the bugs to fall in.
  4. Leave your trap for a day or two, then take the board off and see if you’ve had any bugs “drop in for a visit!” Can you identify any of your “visitors?”
  5. Be kind to God’s little critters. Remember they all have a function in this world, so go ahead and drop them into the hole you dug and let them leave on their own.
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