Kids Crafts – Birdie Treats


Here’s an easy craft that will help feed all those hungry birdies outside! Try different molds of various sizes. They make great presents for your friends, too.

What you Need

    • ¼ cup water
    • 1 small envelope of gelatin (available next to Jell-O in your supermarket)
    • ¾ cup birdseed (try the small seeds)
    • different shaped cookie cutters, molds, or even a jar lid
    • wax paper
    • string

      What you do

        1. Mix the gelatin in ¼ cup of water and stir it until it begins to simmer and dissolves completely.
        2. Let your gelatin mixture cool for one minute, then stir in your birdseed until the liquid is completely absorbed. If there’s still some left in the bottom of the pan, add more seeds.
        3. Cut a large sheet of wax paper, and place your cookie cutters, molds, or lids on the wax paper.
        4. Fill your molds half way with gelatin/birdseed mixture.
        5. Cut a 1.5 foot-long piece of string, and tie a fat knot or two at one end. Push the knot into the birdseed mixture and lay the long end over the edge of your mold. This will be used to hang your Birdie Treat on the tree.
        6. Continue to fill the mold with birdseed mixture, making sure your string and knot are well covered. Be sure to push the birdseed mixture into the cutter until it’s full.
        7. Leave your Birdie Treats out overnight to make sure they dry. Turn them over a few times so they’ll dry evenly.
        8. Remove them from the cookie cutters or molds, and hang them out on a tree.
        9. Watch as the birdies find their treats!
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