Kids Craft – Squishy Balls

Here’s a craft you’ll love! These Squishy Balls are great for tossing, juggling, and a bunch of other games, too. Make several and share them with your friends.

What you Need

  • 11-inch balloons (you’ll need three balloons for each Squishy Ball)
  • dried lentils
  • a funnel
  • scissors

What you do:

  1. Inflate your first balloon halfway, then hold it for 30 seconds before deflating it. This helps to stretch it.
  2. Using the funnel, gradually pour ¾ cup of lentils into the deflated balloon (you’ll have to pack them in as you go). When full the balloon should be firm but still squeezable.
  3. With your scissors, cut the stiff rubber lip off the balloon filled with lentils.
  4. Cut the neck off the second balloon and stretch the opening with your fingers.
  5. Stretch the second balloon over the first one, making sure the neck is tucked in so the lentils don’t spill out.
  6. Cut the neck off another balloon and stretch it over the other two.
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One Response to “Kids Craft – Squishy Balls”

  1. Rebekah

    This sounds like such a fun craft I should check out the kids crafts more often!