Kids Craft – Nature Critters

Hey kids, here’s a great idea for all of you who love bugs! Only God can create all those wonderful critters and give them life, but you can make your own models out of rocks, twigs, leaves, or anything else you find outdoors! Use your imagination, and see what you can come up with!

What you Need

  • Smooth pebbles of different sizes, shapes or colors
  • twigs, tufts of grass, or pine needles (for antennae and legs)
  • leaves, bark, or flower petals (for wings)
  • anything else you might find outdoors (use your imagination!)
  • glue

What you do

  1. Wash your pebbles and be sure to dry them well (otherwise the glue won’t stick).
  2. If you’re using more than one pebble for the bug body, you’ll have to glue them together. Let glue dry.
  3. Use one drop of glue to attach twigs, leaves, grass, petals, and whatever else you can find onto the pebbles to make their legs, antennae, and wings. Enjoy your Nature Critters!
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