Kids Craft – Heart Envelope

Hey kids, here’s a Love Envelope that lets you tell someone how special they are to you! Make a bunch and send them to everyone you love!

What you Need

  • Wrapping paper with patterns
  • scissors
  • heart-shaped sticker
  • crayon

What you do


  1. Draw and cut out a fat heart from patterned wrapping paper.
  2. With the pattern side down, write a message to the person you’re sending it to with a crayon. Try different colored crayons for each letter, or use markers, glitter, or whatever you want!
  3. Fold each edge in as shown.
  4. Fold the top so it comes down just above the middle of the envelope.
  5. Fold the pointed end of the heart up.
  6. Turn it half way around so the flap is at the top and seal it with a heart-shaped sticker.
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