Kids Craft – Gourdy-Gourds

What can be more fun than creating a Gourdy-Gourd? Well, we’re not sure there is anything more fun! Use your imagination to come up with your own characters. And think of a great name for each one! Try using alliteration, by giving them two names, using the same sounds in the syllables of both their first and second name (like: Granny Gourd or Peter Pumpkin)!

What you Need

  • an assortment of ornamental pumpkins or small gourds.
  • natural ornaments from the woods, like twigs, nut shells, pine needles, tiny holly leaves, miniature pinecones, colorful dried leaves, hard berries, acorns—almost anything that doesn’t have prickles or is poisonous!
  • A glue or ordinary craft glue.

What you do:

  1. Pick a style. You can stack your gourds, use a single one, just play around with them until you come up with something you like.
  2. Trim the stem off the base gourd (if you’re using more than one), and then spread the glue on top of it. Place the top gourd on and make sure it stays in place until the glue dries.
  3. Attach your ornaments—twigs or pinecones for arms, tiny berries or nut shells for noses, etc. Don’t be afraid to top their little heads with leaves, or even make them leaf-collars! They make great little gifts, too!
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