Section: Kids Crafts

Kids Crafts – Elephant Hands

Hey kids, have your mom or dad help you with this one, since its kinda messy. Have fun!
What you Need

Old newspaper
White paper
Construction paper
Gray Tempera Paint
Black marker

What you do

Spread out some newspaper (be careful not to get any paint on your mommy’s table or carpet)!
Have an adult paint one of their hands with the grey paint, … Read more »

Kids Crafts – Jolly Jellies

Have you ever made a glow-in-the-dark jellyfish? It’s lots of fun, but you need a grownup to help you some, okay?
What you Need

thick paper bowls
white yarn
brightly colored acrylic paint (glow-in-the-dark paint is fun if you can find it!)
sharp pencil
zipper sandwich bags

What you do

Spread out newspaper so you don’t get any paint on the table, then … Read more »

Kids Crafts – Happy Hollyhocks

Hey kids, here’s an easy craft that’s really fun! And if the weather is warm enough, why not plant some real hollyhocks in your garden? They’re beautiful!
What you Need

1 styrofoam egg carton
3 green pipe cleaners
paint brush

What you do

Cut out the bottom of the egg carton cups, and shape them into “flowers.”
Paint your “flowers” any … Read more »

Kids Crafts – Kindness Jar

Hey kids, do you remember how good you felt when you did something for someone else… just because you wanted to? God rewards us with good feelings when we are thoughtful and kind to others, and this month we have an awesome craft that will help give you lots of ideas!
What you Need

Wide mouth glass … Read more »

Kids Crafts – Loaves and Fishes

Hey kids, check out this Loaves and Fishes Craft! It’s a great way to share with someone you love, just like Little Lad shared his lunch with Jesus!
What you Need

small lunch bag
crayons or water colors
goodies (small bag of goldfish crackers and wheat crackers, or anything else you’d like to share)

What you do

Print out this template.
Color … Read more »

Kids Crafts – Topsy-Turvy Terrarium

Here’s a wonderful idea for growing a beautiful plant all year long! It’s easy to make, and doesn’t take a lot to water and keep looking great. Be sure to follow instructions carefully—and don’t overwater your plant, since most of the water stays in the jar. Enjoy!
What you Need

Canning jar (or any jar with a … Read more »

Kids Crafts – Nativity Craft

The most beautiful story in the Bible has to be the story of the birth of Jesus in a manger. And this month we have a wonderful and easy craft for you!
What you Need

popsicle sticks
acrylic paints (in several colors)
paint brush
fine-tipped black marker
hot glue (or craft glue)


small pieces of straw (optional)
small piece of paper

What you do

Paint … Read more »

Kids Crafts – Pretty Pumpkins

Hey kids, check out these Pretty Pumpkins! They’re super easy to make and you can “dress them up” any way you want! Use your imagination!
What you Need

miniature or small pumpkins
white glue
glitter (red and gold work well, but you can use any color)

What you do

Spread the newspaper and place the pumpkin on it.
Smear a generous portion … Read more »

Kids Crafts – Yarn Vase

Here’s a great little craft that anyone can enjoy making and using! All you need is some yarn, some craft glue, and a little glass jar. Check it out! Use your imagination. Have fun!
What you Need

a clean glass jar (tall or short, any will do)

craft glue
medium paintbrush
colorful yarn

What you do

Find a clean glass jar, and … Read more »

Kids Crafts – Birdie Treats

Here’s an easy craft that will help feed all those hungry birdies outside! Try different molds of various sizes. They make great presents for your friends, too.
What you Need

¼ cup water
1 small envelope of gelatin (available next to Jell-O in your supermarket)
¾ cup birdseed (try the small seeds)
different shaped cookie cutters, molds, or even a … Read more »