FAQ: Other 3ABN Websites

Other 3ABN Websites

What other 3ABN websites exist?

3ABN has a number of websites devoted to special projects, networks, or divisions. If you cannot find something on this website, you may find it on one of these.

One of your shows said I could find information or a free offer on the website, but I cannot seem to locate it. Where can I find it?

Occasionally people confuse 3ABN with other ministries who have programming on 3ABN, such as Amazing Facts or It Is Written. Free offers and other resources for third-party programming is not available on this website, even if the programming is shown on 3ABN.

For information about a series or special offer, please visit the website connected with the series, which should be mentioned on air, or printed in the credits at the end of the program. You may also find the website via Google or another search engine.

I need information or technical help regarding a 3ABN affiliate station or service provider. Where can I find it?

Occasionally people confuse 3ABN with affiliates who carry 3ABN programming, such as Better Life Broadcasting Network or LifeStyleTV. We do not have technical support information about affiliate stations or providers that are not owned by 3ABN.

For technical help with a local 3ABN affiliate, please contact the affiliate station operator (if known), or contact our downlink support department (the 3ABN Broadcasting and Engineering Department) who can provide you with information or a contact number.

Social Websites With 3ABN Pages

Do you have a social media page, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.?

3ABN has pages on many of the popular social websites, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube: