Our strength is in our diverse and original lifestyle programming from a biblical perspective. contact us.

The 3ABN Distinction:

  • • 75% original programming
  • • No telethons or heavy on-air fundraising
  • • Cable launch promotions campaign

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Topics Include:

Reversing Diabetes
Marriage Enrichment
Vegetarian Cuisine
Smoking Cessation
Exercise & Fitness
Addictions Recovery
Cancer Prevention
Financial Management
Recidivism Prevention
Weight Management
Children Programs
Bible Prophecies Revealed
Inspirational Music
Parenting Skills
Youth Programs
Relationship Development
Emotional Wellbeing
Religious Liberty & Social Issues
Travel + Cultural Studies
Creationism, Science
Lifestyle Enhancement


3ABN broadcasts eight television networks:

  • 3ABN is our flagship network that offers the most diversity in family-friendly programming.
  • 3ABN Latino targets a growing Hispanic population in America, with Spanish programming.
  • Dare to Dream is designed to address inner-city issues, targets the urban population.
  • Proclaim! targets our religious viewer-base, with only preaching, biblical teaching.
  • 3ABN Russia is available on satellite throughout the former USSR, offering diverse programming produced at our Production Center located in Nizhny Novgorod in Russia.
  • 3ABN International delivers our programming to the European markets with a time-shifted schedule. Additional programming targeting cultural needs are also inserted. European content is produced in our Production Center in New South Wales in Australia.
  • 3ABN Français is creating diverse content in the French language. It is currently available through I.P. delivery only.
  • 3ABN Kids Network is expanding our library of children’s programs. It is currently available through I.P. delivery only.
  • Last updated on Tuesday, April 18, 2017.

About Us

3ABN is dedicated to “Mending Broken People.” Our holistic content is unique to 3ABN, as most of our programs are produced in-house. We are a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit that has been broadcasting for thirty years, without the use of telethons. Our signals cover the globe via eight satellites. All of this is accomplished through donor-support.



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