The Bus Stop Outside My Door

by Bobby Davis

There’s a bus stop right outside my door, and some days it seems like a great idea to let someone else do the driving. I have two modern-looking coaches to choose from, and they’re equally nice and shiny on the outside. But that’s where the resemblance ends.

The Choices

The first bus comes in the morning and isn’t quite as comfortable. In fact, it’s often rather hot and stuffy. And while I can usually find a seat, there’s never enough room under the seat in front of me to accommodate all my stuff. For some reason everyone’s always struggling on this bus—forever fidgeting and playing with their earbuds and iPods, looking for a way to tune out the world. And with all that struggle, there’s really no peace. In fact, most of the time I prefer anything to the Struggle Bus. It’s just not my favorite ride.

For some reason, I usually prefer to ride the other bus at night. It has mighty fine air-conditioning, wide aisles, and plenty of legroom. The seats are more like easy chairs, with plush leather and extra-wide armrests. The Worry Bus has soft lighting, special noise-canceling headphones and over 200 channels of music—it’s almost like flying first class! In fact, it offers everything imaginable to allow me to get away from it all and “get all up in my head!” 

The Solution

However, the funny thing about the buses is that when I choose to ride them, I never get anywhere, because neither bus ever leaves the curb! They just sit there outside my door.

All day.

All night.

In fact, I’m sure there’s one outside right now, just idling away.

I’ve found that if I want to get somewhere, I have to put one foot in front of the other and take action. It dawns on me that taking steps first thing in the morning is not only good exercise, but also a great time to talk to the Lord. And when I’m walking with Him, I’m really going somewhere.

Perhaps the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to learn is to stop struggling, let go, and let God do for me what I cannot do for myself. And so far as worry goes, I’ve learned to turn things over the God in the evenings, since He’s always up all night.

An old-timer I know says, “Worry is like a rockin’ chair. It gives you somethin’ to do, but don’t ever gitcha anywhere!” And as far as I can tell, he’s right.

By the way, have you seen either of those buses parked outside your front door lately?

Freedom of Choice