My daughter had a big yellow cat named Simon.  He was an independent cat so came and went as he pleased.  We lived in the country where he had a lot of places he could roam, and at times would be gone for days.
One afternoon my son and his family came for a visit.  We had a good time together and soon it was time for them to leave.
A few days later my son called to ask if we were missing my daughter’s big yellow cat.  He said that there was one in their neighborhood that looked a lot like Simon.  The other neighbors couldn’t catch him, but he would stay near their place.  I asked my daughter and she said that he hadn’t been around for awhile, but she hadn’t thought anything of it.  I told her about the cat that was roaming around near her brother’s place, and how he wondered if it might be Simon.  He said that Simon might have climbed in a hole in the trunk of their car and came in town with them.  She anxiously wanted to go right away and see if it was Simon, so we did.  When we got there the cat was very very friendly with my daughter.  She thought that it was indeed Simon.  We loaded him up and headed for home.
We got to another street and the thought came to me, “what if the cat wasn’t Simon?”  “We would be taking somebody else’s cat.”  He didn’t have a collar on to identify him, so I pulled off the street and wondered how we could tell if it was Simon.  The thought came to me that he had a crook at the end of his tail.  I told my daughter to check it out, and sure enough the cat had a crook.  😀  But, then I remembered someone saying that this kind of cat would frequently have a crook in it’s tail.  Our hopes dropped.  Then, I remembered that if you would pet Simon on the head he would lick the fur under his neck.  My daughter tried that and  was so excited when he did!  I was delighted, too.  Sure enough, it was Simon!
Do you have traits of character that people can identify you by?  God knows you and Loves you no matter what you look like, act like, have done, or your traits of character.  He wants you back even if you crawled into the wrong hole and got lost or took the wrong path.  He’s always watching and waiting for you to come back home.  You are so precious in His sight!  He Loves you so!!!


I wondered far away from God,
When upon the broad way I set my feet to trod.
I was all burdened and wracked with sin,
Til my wonderful Saviour invited me in.

I Count each moment but loss,
Not spent with Jesus who bore my cross.
You’ll find it’s true if you experience it for yourself,
The joy of His redeeming Love is more that great wealth.

By Norma Wellman, Prayer Warrior

"In The Hollow of His Hand"
My Brother's Keeper