Thank You, Jesus!

by J. D. Quinn

We start our work at  3ABN’s Pastoral Ministries Department each day with a devotional and a group prayer for the calls we’ll receive on our prayer line. We ask the Lord for discernment and uncommon, heavenly wisdom—realizing we can offer nothing of value unless it comes from the Lord. We also pray to be filled with His Spirit, His love, and His compassion, recognizing that when we dismiss, we walk back to the front-line of the battle between good and evil.

No one can understand the intensity of emotions we deal with each day, unless they’ve done this type of work themselves. The spiritual battlefield requires hand-to-hand combat with dark forces, and none of us could do this in our own strength or wisdom.

The Armor of God

We must be clad with the armor of God. In faith, we rely on the promises, power, and provision of the Holy Spirit to fight this good fight. And He shows up—to which I can only say, “Thank You, Jesus!”

When the light of God pierces the darkness of our callers’
circumstances, it’s nothing short of miraculous. We give God all the glory, then we thank Him for the opportunity He gives us to be tools in His all-loving, all-powerful hands!


“I’m telling you—if it were not for your prayers and wise pastoral guidance over the past few years, I’d be losing it by now,” a caller wrote us recently. “I’m being sincere when I say you have no idea how much I appreciate it all. Words can’t express my gratitude. I can’t fathom why I could matter that much.”

My response? “Thank You, Jesus!”

“I’m asking for your prayers,” writes another caller. “You’ve prayed for so many of my requests, and I’ve had answers. I feel that I’m too close to this situation and that you have a better perspective. You are my family. Please help. I know prayer works.”

My response? “Thank You, Jesus!”

“Yesterday you prayed for my friend and for me. She’s a sweet Christian. We pray together and I read Revelation to her. Being homebound gives us lots of time to watch 3ABN and study, share, and pray over His Word. My apartment’s like Grand Central Station, so I sow lots of good seed. We’re old ladies, but we’re fierce prayer warriors!”

My response? “Thank You Jesus!”

“You’re the best! I’m so happy to be able to count on you being there. It’s so cool and comforting to be able to ask you for prayer. I know I can count on you, and it really helps to have your earnest support. I wish I had all your prayers recorded, because they’re so well-prayed, with knowledge of the Bible. I haven’t been able to view 3ABN for a long time, and I really miss it. You’re like family. Thanks for your dedication and the fact that you don’t compromise at all. Truth is truth. Amen!”

My response? “Thank You, Jesus!”

The reason I continually say, “Thank You, Jesus,” is because all this has nothing to do with us—it’s the Holy Spirit working through us. Each of us loves the Lord and enjoys the opportunity to share Jesus and His promises. We’re merely doing what the Lord has called us to do, while fully recognizing that without Him we would be confused and anxious in trying to find the right words to share.

We count on Christ’s promise in John 14:26 that the Holy Spirit will teach us and bring to our remembrance the promises of God. We cling to Romans 8:26 that although we do not know how we should pray, the Spirit helps us in our weakness, making intercessions for us.

We look at each call as a Divine Appointment to bring God’s words to His hurting children.

Thank You, Jesus!