The Parallel

Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they? (Matthew 6:26)

As a younger person, I never realized the joy that watching birds has brought more recently. Monitoring our bird seed supply goes hand in hand with our shopping trips.

God has made some of his smallest creatures to display brilliant colors so pleasing to the eyes. Had God not picked my husband and I up out of our comfort zone and brought us to 3ABN, I might never have experienced the spectacular view of a colorfully-arrayed male cardinal against a backdrop of pure white snow. As fearfully and wonderfully as God has made our bodies, He did not fail to take care of the least of His little creatures.

A few weeks back my husband and I were watching the multitude of colorful birds enjoying the black sunflower seeds in our bird feeders on our deck, when one of the small birds about the size of a chickadee flew into our sliding glass door. It did not seem to harm it as it went on its way flying without difficulty. The scene soon changed as a female cardinal flew into the same door. Much to our horror, she landed about three to four feet from the door. We did not know what action to pursue as we are not familiar with first aid for birds. Initially she fluffed her feathers a few times bringing us hope of her survival; however, then all movement ceased. We quickly pondered what we should do but felt so helpless.

I needed to go to another part of the house, and as I did, I felt prompted to pray. I pleaded with the Heavenly Physician for this beautiful bird’s life asking that He spare her life as we loved her and did not want her to die. As I returned to the living room, I discovered that as my husband was impressed to go out onto the deck, she quickly revived and flew away. While I was feeling so disturbed over “Miss Cardinal,” God’s touch gave her the power she needed. I had two reasons to rejoice – one, that He cared about what I cared about and saw fit to intervene, and secondly, because I saw how anxious God is to answer prayer.

There is a parallel to this incident. God had to watch His Son die on the cross. He had to watch the agony and pain of Jesus knowing full-well that He had power to save Him. Had He chosen to spare the life of His Son, you and I would not be able to inherit eternal life. What a sobering thought for you and me! Had Jesus not been willing to leave His comfort zone and die in our stead, our story would be quite different.

Grace Yost

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