Answered Prayers

One of my favorite stories as a Colporteur was my first contact on my own. He was an Amish man with a lot of children who wanted the books real bad, but couldn’t afford them. I felt so bad for him that I went home and got some of my old children’s books and took them to his wife one day. I could see she was expecting another child. At another time I had a Medical Book I sold, but decided not to sell them anymore. I was concerned that she might have an emergency and would need that book so I gave the demonstration book to her. They were adding a new addition to the home and I could see that she was expecting again. She was very grateful and told me their children had enjoyed the other books so much that they were about worn out. I went home and got what was left of the books I had had for my own children when they were young, and some for her and her husband including a paperback Desire of Ages.

One day I was looking through my bookcase inside the wall of my dining room. I came across my large hardback Desire of Ages. I remembered I had gotten that at a Camp Meeting when H.M.S. Richards and the Kings Herald Quartet were there. They had signed that book for me. That was a treasure. I thought to myself, “Why don’t you set that out on the stand for everyone to see” “It’s too pretty to leave inside that bookcase in the wall.” Days later, I came out of my computer room and walked by the stand with the Desire of Ages on it. I glanced at it and the thought came into my mind, “Why don’t you give that to her?” I was horrified!!! I said, “I made that up!” “I made that up!” I just couldn’t believe that God wanted me to give them that book! I didn’t want to. I wanted it for myself. After all, it was signed! Then, one day the books were ready to go. I couldn’t get it out of my mind that God wanted me to take that book to them, so I did. It might mean their salvation and it was just laying on my stand looking good.

Within a week or two a lady whose husband had been a Colporteur called to say she had some new books for me from ones he use to sell. She gave me several of the large books from the Conflict of the Ages series, which included a brand new Desire of Ages. I felt God had replaced the one I gave away so decided I was going to start reading it again. I read through the first chapter and was thanking the Lord for the book when the thought came into my mind, “Norma, you prayed for that book.” OH, YES, I HAD! A long while before I had another hardback Desire of Ages and had given it to one of my brothers with a message written on the inner cover for him. I had recently been praying for another one to give to my sister that lived across the road from me. God had answered my prayers for that book! Isn’t He AWESOME!!!! I hurried up and put a message in it for her and wrapped it up and gave it to her. I told her the story how God had answered my prayers and that He wanted her to have it. What an Awesome Friend I have in Jesus!


Jesus has gone away,

To prepare us a home in Heaven someday.

Soon He’ll return and then,

Usher us in to the restored Eden.

That will be an excitement beyond compare,

“Won’t you come and join me there?”

Norma Wellman

Chocolate Covered Ants and Lying
And Peter