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Giants and the Unpardonable Sin

by Dr. R. Dean Davis
After Cain rejects God’s grace and forgiveness, the Bible says he walks away from the Lord and begins a genealogical line that runs parallel with the righteous line of his younger brother Seth, the “appointed one.”
The Two Lines
Family was extremely important to the Hebrews; married sons built onto their fathers’ houses, … Read more »

Wisdom at What Price?

by Dr. R. Dean Davis
The story of the fall of man in Genesis 3 offers an amazing display of God’s grace. Eve’s first sin, motivated by her desire for self-exaltation, was the same sin that cost Lucifer his home in Heaven. Now known as Satan (see Revelation 12:9 and 20:2), he tempts Eve, disguised as … Read more »

A Garden of Choices

by Dr. R. Dean Davis
The ancient Hebrews had a relational understanding of God—they knew Him by what He did for them. They also related events in ever-increasing levels of detail, so beginning with Genesis 2:4 we find ourselves at the third level of detail of the Creation story.
Man is clearly the centerpiece of God’s Creation. … Read more »