Prison Minstry Explosion Due To 3ABN

Dear Jim Gilley, Danny, and Staff:

Love your new set! Heard your comments about prison ministry this morning. Have wanted to share for some time what is happening at James E. Hamilton CC in S.E. Oklahoma due to tapes sent in that I recorded off 3 ABN. Two young men began keeping Sabbath, prayed together for the entire population of about 800 men in this prison. Those two men have built a strong foundation, and on April 16, there were 53 men present in the chapel to hear the conclusion to Steve Wohlberg’s Mark of the Beast. For the first time in 40 years, there is now a SDA presence in this prison. This is only one of thousands of prisons across this nation that are bursting at the seams, mostly because 99% of those incarcerated have never heard “TRUTH” preached before. Stephen Bohr has blessed these men by sending in several series, which are being received gradually. Also, Steve Wohlberg and Amazing Facts have sent ministry tools. It has been a slow process, but the foundation is strong. Problem is: the men cannot go into the chapel to watch a video unless there is a volunteer present. We have two volunteers from the new Mt. Ida, AR SDA church and are in desperate need of more. At present they go in twice a month and the men need ministry every Sabbath. Please pray with us for more people to recognize the need to reach these men with TRUTH and stop this revolving door that can be stopped when people know the truth and can take it with them when they leave prison and change lives. God is working miracles here in SE Oklahoma, Adventist need to be going into prisons all over this country, and we can make a real difference and change lives.

Thanks for your wonderful ministry, Pat Galloway, Mt. Ida, Ar SDA church

Thanks Giving