Section: Testimonials

The Lord Has Been Good To My Family and Me

First of all I have to give God thanks for what he has done for my husband and me; we are not working and we have rent and bill to pay–we pray as usual and ask to pay our bills but last month the bills was too high. I say to my … Read more »

Praise Him

Praise God for His continued grace and love toward us. I just want to thank Our Heavenly Father for His patience with me throughout my life. If we “allow” Him, He will come into our lives and expose the things we need to change about ourselves in preparation for the … Read more »

Thanks Giving

Dear Prayer warriors, I emailed a prayer request to you on Sunday to request prayers for me to be successful at my practical driving test. Well to inform you that I had my test today and I am very happy to announce that I was successful. I am so very … Read more »