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Pastor Dan Jarrard to Speak During Special Worship Service – Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pastor Dan Jarrard will be the guest speaker during a special Worship Service this Saturday on 3ABN. He will share his testimony of how he became a Seventh-day Adventist minister after 18
years of ministry in the Pentecostal church.
“I had been taught that the Seventh-day Adventist community was a cult when I attended the seminary,” he … Read more »

Revelation Pure and Simple

A brand new 3ABN book has just been released by international evangelist, Kenneth Cox. Revelation—Pure and Simple was not written for the theologian or Bible scholar, it was written for the man on the street—the man who’s been told that Revelation is so full of symbolism that it cannot be understood. It was also written … Read more »

God's Awesome Plan

​We serve an awesome God! A God who can take a concept and make it a reality in less than a year! A God who hears the cries of His people, and the cries of those who are potentially His, answering them while they are yet speaking. A God who leads, guides, and directs so … Read more »

The Time Has Come

The time for 3ABN Latino Radio has come, and we are thrilled to use this powerful instrument to reach the masses with the gospel of Jesus Christ!
As we’ve mentioned previously, God made it quite evident that the time to begin a Spanish satellite radio network had come. Just as Peter experienced in Acts 12:1–10, when … Read more »

We're Growing

107.1 FM – Red Beach, Auckland, New Zealand
Andrew Roux is the owner of our new affiliate station in ­Red Beach, Auckland, New Zealand, and we’re thrilled that he’s recently joined our affiliate station family! He broadcasts over the friendly airwaves from this land of many sheep, and if you’re one of the 10,000 potential listeners … Read more »

Another Way to Support

When it comes to little-known facts about 3ABN, perhaps few are as fascinating as how 3ABN is supported. Unlike most other large television and radio ministries, 3ABN has never—and will never—use telethons or any type of heavy on-air fundraising to meet its financial needs. In fact, without the financial support of any church or denomination, … Read more »

Roku: A New Way to Watch

Note: The information in this story is now outdated and obsolete. You can now watch 3ABN on Roku without a monthly subscription from MOIPTV. Please see the story “3ABN Streams Free on Roku!” for an update.
Now there’s another way to watch 3ABN! Media Opportunities IPTV (MOIPTV) has announced that they’ve just added all of … Read more »

Kameron DeVasher to Preach on Anchors of Truth, April 18-21, 2012

Pastor Kameron DeVasher will present a new series called “The Greater Controversy” on 3ABN’s Anchors of Truth program from April 18–21, 2012. “There’s something greater, far greater, than the redemption of sinful humanity at stake in the war between Christ and Satan,” he says. “This controversy has sweeping implications for the entire universe; and … Read more »