Section: 3ABN Events

ASI International Convention: It’s Time!

This year’s Adventist-laymen’s Services and Industries (ASI) International Convention is approaching quickly, and you’re invited to join in the excitement! Their theme this year is “It’s Time…To Be About Our Father’s Business,” and we’re sure you’ll rarely meet a group of Christians more excited about sharing Christ in the marketplace!
Speakers this year include Shawn Boonstra, … Read more »

3ABN to Broadcast Camp Meeting from Wingdale, New York

3ABN is happy to announce another live camp meeting broadcast, this time from Wingdale, New York. Weekend services of the Greater New York Conference of Seventh-day Adventists camp meeting will be aired beginning Friday, July 6, and continuing all day Saturday.
Weekend highlights will include an inspiring message from Pastor Shawn Boonstra, Associate Ministerial Director for … Read more »

Pastor Dan Jarrard to Speak During Special Worship Service – Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pastor Dan Jarrard will be the guest speaker during a special Worship Service this Saturday on 3ABN. He will share his testimony of how he became a Seventh-day Adventist minister after 18
years of ministry in the Pentecostal church.
“I had been taught that the Seventh-day Adventist community was a cult when I attended the seminary,” he … Read more »

Kameron DeVasher to Preach on Anchors of Truth, April 18-21, 2012

Pastor Kameron DeVasher will present a new series called “The Greater Controversy” on 3ABN’s Anchors of Truth program from April 18–21, 2012. “There’s something greater, far greater, than the redemption of sinful humanity at stake in the war between Christ and Satan,” he says. “This controversy has sweeping implications for the entire universe; and … Read more »

John Bradshaw to Preach on Anchors of Truth, March 14–17, 2012

3ABN’s Anchors of Truth continues March 14–17 with, “The Great Controversy,” a series presented by Pastor John Bradshaw, speaker/director of It Is Written television ministry. This topic is close to his heart, since his life was changed many years ago by reading a book by the same title, written by Ellen White.
For God’s people, there … Read more »

3ABN Announces New Vacation Bible School in July

[Note: Below is a short announcement about 3ABN VBS. For more information about 3ABN’s Vacation Bible School, please see the 3ABN VBS website.]
A brand new Vacation Bible School will air this summer on 3ABN! The programs will air live, Monday through Friday (July 16–20, 2012), from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. CDT (UTC-5).
Adventures With Paul is … Read more »

3ABN Airs Revelation Today, Beginning January 20, 2012

Three Angels Broadcasting Network, in cooperation with It Is Written television, will begin airing Revelation Today, a comprehensive study series that will focus on the prophecies of the Bible—especially those in the book of Revelation.
Hosted by Pastor John Bradshaw, this series will be broadcast live from the Cashman Center  in Las Vegas, Nevada, from January … Read more »

Special Religious Liberty Broadcast on January 28, 2012

We are happy to announce a special live broadcast on Religious Liberty this month with Lincoln Steed, vice president of the North American Religious Liberty Association. Lincoln also hosts the Liberty Insider series on 3ABN, bringing up-to-date information on religious liberty affairs that affect all of us.
To serve and worship God is a matter of … Read more »

3ABN Proclaim Moves Transponders

UPDATED 1/2/12: If you have a satellite dish system and would like to receive the 3ABN Proclaim! and 3ABN Latino Radio networks, you may find complete instructions here.
3ABN has just announced that the new Dare to Dream television network will be launched on January 1, 2012, at the place currently used by the 3ABN Proclaim … Read more »