Section: Kids Crafts

Kids Craft – Squishy Balls

Here’s a craft you’ll love! These Squishy Balls are great for tossing, juggling, and a bunch of other games, too. Make several and share them with your friends.
What you Need

11-inch balloons (you’ll need three balloons for each Squishy Ball)
dried lentils
a funnel

What you do:

Inflate your first balloon halfway, then hold it for 30 seconds before deflating … Read more »

Kids Craft – The Hidden Picture

Here’s a great craft idea! Draw your own “invisible” picture with a white crayon, and then paint over it to reveal the “hidden” picture!
What you Need

white sketch paper
white crayon (you can also use a white wax candle)
watered down water color or poster paint
paint brush

What you do:

Use your white crayon to draw your “hidden” picture on … Read more »

Kids Craft – Ribbon/Button Bookmarks

WOW! Check out these cool Ribbon/Button Bookmarks! They’re easy to make, and they’re fun, too!
What you Need

12 to 14-inch length of ribbon (or choose different types of ribbon)
craft or white glue (glue gun is optional, but be sure to have a grown-up help you!)
buttons of any shape and size

What you do:

Cut 12 to 14-inch strip … Read more »

Kids Craft – Bumble Bugs

Ever watched a bug crawling? Some are a lot faster than others—and these Bumble Bugs can move! Just set them on an incline and watch them race to the bottom! You can make a bunch of them, and color them any way you want.
What you Need

card stock
craft glue
glue stick
marble (one for each bug)
tissue paper (or … Read more »

Kids Craft – Nature Critters

Hey kids, here’s a great idea for all of you who love bugs! Only God can create all those wonderful critters and give them life, but you can make your own models out of rocks, twigs, leaves, or anything else you find outdoors! Use your imagination, and see what you can come up with!
What you … Read more »

Kids Craft – Hand Lilies

Hey kids, wanna give Mom some “flowers” that will last a really long time? Try making her some Hand Lilies in as many colors as you can! These are fun, and she’ll love them because you made them with your own… hands!
What you Need

construction paper (in as many colors as you can find)
Scotch tape
a pencil
green … Read more »

Kids Craft – Grinning Alligator

Hey kids, check out this funny grinning alligator! Once you’ve made your own, stick it under a plant in the house. Do you think Mom will be surprised?
What you Need

a long, skinny rock
paint brush
green craft paint
two small green pom-poms
some white felt
scissors (pinking shears are easiest, but you can use any scissors)
two googly-eyes
craft glue

What you do

Find … Read more »

Kids Craft – Chinese Paper Lantern

Hey kids, check out these easy directions for making your own Chinese lanterns! Try making a whole bunch, and string them up in your room!
What you Need

Colored paper (either construction paper, or maybe even gift-wrapping paper)
Craft glue, tape, or a stapler

What you do

Fold a sheet of paper lengthwise to make a long, thin rectangle.
Make 12 … Read more »

Kids Craft – Heart Envelope

Hey kids, here’s a Love Envelope that lets you tell someone how special they are to you! Make a bunch and send them to everyone you love!
What you Need

Wrapping paper with patterns
heart-shaped sticker

What you do

Draw and cut out a fat heart from patterned wrapping paper.
With the pattern side down, write a message to the person … Read more »

Kids Craft – Playful Penguins

Aren’t penguins cute? Once you start making these little guys, you may want to make a half-dozen!
What you Need

black pipe cleaners
white pipe cleaners
yellow or orange craft foam
small googly eyes
a few chunks of Styrofoam

What you do

You can make two different sizes of penguins. To make an “adult-sized” penguin, first wrap a 12-inch black pipe cleaner around … Read more »