Section: Kids Crafts

Kids Crafts – Sam the Ram

Hey kids, you can make your own Sam the Ram from our simple template.
What you Need

magic markers, colored pencils, or crayons
white glue

What you do

Print out the template.
Use your markers, pencils, or crayons to color your ram’s horns, face, and legs.
Glue on the cotton (if you’re using cotton balls, make sure to pull them apart some … Read more »

Kids Crafts – Fireworks Craft

Wow! Check out this colorful craft you can make with just a few ingredients. Have fun, and make several of them to give away!
What you Need

white paper
ice cream sprinkles (not cake sprinkles)
spayer with water

What you do

Lay your white sheet of paper on a towel.
Sprinkle some ice cream sprinkles on it.
Spray the paper lightly with water.
Let … Read more »

Kids Craft – Coloring Horse

Hey kids, check out this fun drawing you can color! Just print it out and use your favorite markers, crayons, or colored pencils. You can print as many as you like!

Kids Crafts – Lava Bottle

Ever wonder how those Lava Lamps work? Well, here’s a version that uses just a few things you probably already have around the house—and no electricity! But since there’s some oil and food coloring involved, be sure to have an adult help you!
What you Need

empty water bottle (preferably glass)
vegetable oil
food coloring
Alka Seltzer tablets

What … Read more »

Kids Crafts – Pinhole Suncatcher

Who would ever think you could make such a colorful suncatcher with cardstock and a pushpin? Check out this cool craft, and use your imagination! And be sure to thank God for providing us with the wonderful warmth and light of the sun!
What you Need

yellow card stock (even yellow construction paper should work)
a piece of … Read more »

Kids Craft – Raccoon Craft

Hey kids, check out this cute Raccoon Craft! It’s easy to make—and fun, too!
What you Need

a printer (to print out the template)
paper plate
black marker
googly eyes (optional)
gray paint

What you do:

Download the Raccoon Craft template (PDF file)
Print it on white printer paper.
Color the paper plate and ears gray, and let the paint dry. (You can leave these … Read more »

Kids Craft – Stalactites and Stalagmites

Have you ever visited a cave with all those cool “icicles”? They’re called stalactites and stalagmites, and they’re formed by water slowly dripping from the ceiling. The water has dissolved minerals in it, and little by little, those minerals stick to each other and “grow.”
Of course, the ones you see in the caves take thousands … Read more »

Kids Craft – Pretty Seed Card

Here’s a great craft you can make by reusing paper to make your own—with a special surprise inside (it has wildflower seeds embedded into the paper)! You give it or send it as a greeting card, and when they plant it in the spring, the wildflowers will grow! Check it out!
What you Need

1½ cups of … Read more »

Kids Craft – Icy Snowflake

Nothing is more beautiful than the snowflakes God makes, and this craft will remind you of how wonderful His creations are! However, since it involves boiling water and borax, be sure to ask a grown-up for help, okay?
What you Need

3 2 3/4-inch pieces of pipe cleaner
wire cutter pliers (old scissors will do)
needle-nose pliers
borax (sold as … Read more »

Kids Craft – Gourdy-Gourds

What can be more fun than creating a Gourdy-Gourd? Well, we’re not sure there is anything more fun! Use your imagination to come up with your own characters. And think of a great name for each one! Try using alliteration, by giving them two names, using the same sounds in the syllables of both their … Read more »