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Fake News Story Circulates About Adventist Church in Russia

Recently, concerned callers have been contacting our 3ABN headquarters asking whether the report they’ve heard about a petition to ban the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Russia is true.
Happily, it is not true. In fact, we believe this report is a typical example of fake news that now plagues the Internet. It is probable that the … Read more »

3ABN World Magazine & World News

For over twelve years, 3ABN World magazine has published news from each of our network channels, along with testimonies, devotionals, and our monthly program guide. However, beginning in January 2017, the magazine was replaced by 3ABN World Magazine is a free monthly newsletter and program guide. Please read the full news post HERE.Request a … Read more »

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Frequently Asked Questions: Other … Read more »

The Blessing Is on the “GO!” – Information

Join the “GO!” Evangelistic Team

Setting up a monthly donation of any amount to support evangelism is easy! Just click this link and set up an automatic donation by credit/debit card. You can also set up your donation through PayPal, but be sure to check the “Make This Recurring (Monthly)” box.
Not comfortable doing this online?
No problem. … Read more »


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3ABN Newsbreak: “The Revelation of Whom?” with Lee Venden

Hello, I’m Cari Christian, and this week we have some wonderful news for you. As part of our continuing commitment to bring you fresh spiritual nourishment, we are happy to announce our upcoming series with Pastor Lee Venden, entitled “The Revelation of Whom?”
Pastor Venden says that he has never forgotten the joy he experienced when … Read more »

3ABN Newsbreak: Update on Major Projects

Hello. I’m Mollie Steenson. We’re amazed and humbled as we realize how the Lord has sustained and expanded 3ABN’s ministry this year. Just a few days ago, we watched as a new satellite began to bring our 3ABN Russian programming to Russia and to all the countries of the former Soviet Union.
God has also given … Read more »

3ABN Appoints Three to its Board of Directors

Three Angels Broadcasting Network is happy to announce three new additions to its Board of Directors.
Brian Hamilton came to serve as 3ABN Treasurer in 2008 after nearly 22 years of pastoral, administration, human resources, and treasury responsibilities in the Michigan, Wisconsin, and Southern California Conferences of Seventh-day Adventists. During this time he oversaw several major … Read more »

3ABN Newsbreak, June 21, 2013

Mollie Steenson: This week we have John and Rosemary Malkiewycz from 3ABN Australia. John and Rosemary, we are so glad to have you with us again.
John: Thank you Mollie, we are always glad to be here.
Mollie: You know for the last couple of years we have been receiving reports on the construction of the 3ABN … Read more »

FAQ: Other 3ABN Websites

Other 3ABN Websites
What other 3ABN websites exist?
3ABN has a number of websites devoted to special projects, networks, or divisions. If you cannot find something on this website, you may find it on one of these.

3ABN Australia:
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3ABN Dare to Dream Network:
3ABN Latino:
3ABN Kids Network:
3ABN Recipes:
3ABN Russia:
3ABN Stories: … Read more »