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FAQ: Jobs and Volunteering

Job Applications
What job openings to you currently have?
Please see our Employment Opportunities page for a list of current openings. Other positions may be available; please inquire for details.
Do you accept unsolicited job applications?
3ABN welcomes all job applications. Because we are a donation-supported nonprofit, our staffing budget is very limited. However, we do occasionally have openings, … Read more »

3ABN Russia: 20 Years and Still Growing

by Natalia Plotnikova
This year we celebrate 20 years since the miracle that brought 3ABN Russia into existence. As we look back over the past two decades we see God’s careful brush strokes as He paints a beautiful picture. Under the guidance of His will, all the elements have carefully come together. This is the story … Read more »

The Faith Factor

It seems hard to believe that we’re celebrating 27 years of amazing miracles at Three Angels Broadcasting Network this month. However, when we spoke with 3ABN’s founder, Danny Shelton, we found that his heart still beats strongly with love and passion for this ministry!
Don’t Be Discouraged
“Someone asked me the other day, ‘Danny, when you felt … Read more »

Kids Crafts

Be sure to check the Kids Korner section of 3ABN World magazine each month for puzzles and games, and to learn about new crafts
added to this page! (Click here for links to back issues in PDF format.)
Elephant Hands – June 2014
Jolly Jellies – May 2014
Happy Hollyhocks – April 2014
Kindness Jar – March 2014
Loaves and Fishes … Read more »

Jason’s Birding Trip

“I can’t believe she brought that little boy with her,” the gray haired lady in front of us was speaking very loudly to her white haired companion–loud enough to be heard by both Jason and myself. I had recently joined the Knoxville Chapter of the Tennessee Ornithological Society, and at 30 was the youngest member … Read more »


3ABN 3ABN Dare to Dream 3ABN Français 3ABN Kids Network 3ABN Latino 3ABN Proclaim! 3ABN Radio 3ABN Russia 3ABN International 3ABN is the “Mending Broken People” family of networks. Each of our network channels contains original programming you won’t find anywhere else! Our television and radio programming is designed to reach into the hearts and lives of each listener, addressing their everyday problems and … Read more »

Seventh-day Adventists

28 Fundamental Beliefs of the Adventist Church
Seventh-day Adventists accept the Bible as their only creed and hold certain fundamental beliefs to be the teaching of the Holy Scriptures. These beliefs, as set forth here, constitute the church’s understanding and expression of the teaching of Scripture. Revision of these statements may be expected at a General … Read more »

Quick Studies

At 3ABN we receive many requests for Bible studies on various topics. We’ve made short, easy to understand Bible studies for some of the most important topics, which you can find below. We also have more in-depth studies, books, and videos available on these and other topics. Please contact us for more information. Please visit … Read more »

Online Bible Studies

Amazing Facts
This 27 lesson online Bible course will help you understand God’s plan for your life! Topics of study range from the second coming of Christ, the mystery of death, facts about diet and health to the major end-time prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.
It Is Written
Learn the Bible in a new way with the Discover … Read more »