Tribute to Pastor Ron Halvorsen, Sr.

Ron Halvorsen, Sr.

As many of you already know, Pastor Ron Halvorsen, Sr., a Seventh-day Adventist evangelist who led thousands of people to Jesus, passed to his rest on Friday evening, May 15, 2015. He was a mighty warrior for the Lord who loved people and preached the gospel with power. He was often seen on 3ABN. In fact, his last evangelistic series was broadcast live on 3ABN from Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2013.

In tribute to this man of God, we will air a special broadcast of The Heritage Series program with him. This previously taped program will air on Friday, May 22, at 7:00 p.m., and again on Sabbath, May 23, at 8:00 p.m. Central Daylight Time (UTC–5).

Please join us and be blessed again as we celebrate his life and ministry!

The Heritage Series with Ron Halvorsen, Sr.

The Heritage Series program with Pastor Ron Halvorsen, Sr. is available from 3ABN




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20 Responses to “Tribute to Pastor Ron Halvorsen, Sr.”

  1. chebute tali-mukasa

    "Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints".To paraphrase Psalm 116:16, O LORD,truly Ron was Your servant; Your faithful son. Let him rest until when… "the LORD himself will come down from heaven with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God,and the dead in Christ will rise". Come, LORD JESUS, come. For we, Your children, desire to rest with You in eternity.

  2. Regina

    I've listened to Pastor Halvorsen's sermons on 3ABN on several occasions and I thoroughly enjoyed his preaching. I am very sorry for this great loss for the Halvorsen family. I pray God's comfort and strength be with you through this difficult time. God bless you!

  3. Sandy Maynard

    I heard of the passing of Pastor Halvorsen at prayer service tonight; I've listen in the past to his sermons and was truly blessed by them. I pray God's comfort to his family and the 3ABN family in the loss of this servant of God.

  4. Angela

    When God lays his servants to rest, just as he laid His Son, we must keep in mind that our dear brother in Christ will rise again and "be changed in the twinkle of an eye." I pray these words will comfort and keep the hope alive to all who look forward to the blessed hope that Pastor Halvorsen preached so much about… And all of God's people said "Amen."

  5. Jean Savage

    I attended Pastor Halvorsens evangelical sermons in Keene Church, and I have his sermons on DVD. I just saw him speak on It Is Written recently. His sermons are so inspiring. May he rest in peace until our Lord comes to carry him and the many his work inspired to his reward. We will miss him. Till then…

  6. Lloyd

    A soldier of the Lord. He worked tirelessly. He has done his part. May he rest in peace as he waits for The Trumpet to sound for those who have done the will of Jesus. May his family find comfort in the Lord.

  7. Carol L

    What an amazing testimony. Pastor Ron inspired so many people with his story of hope and a life changed by the power of God. He will be sorely missed. My prayers are with his family.. May God bless & comfort them.

  8. Janet Hope

    May the Good Lord bless and comfort his family in this hour of loss. It is always very hard to lose a loved one. Remember that God's heart is touched with our grief. May Pastor Ron rest in peace until Jesus comes.

  9. Sharon

    Just read about Pastor Halvorsen going to rest. I first heard him speak at a camp meeting in Gentry, Arkansas. It was my first camp meeting as a newly baptized Adventist Christian. His message really was a blessing to me. May God comfort you at this time.

  10. Stanley Valentin

    The Life, the preaching, and testimony of Pastor Halvorsen was a very important factor to get in touch with the source of love, again for us, looking back to see our Blessed Savior, Jesus. Looking forward to seeing Pastor Halvorsen again very soon. Our prayers and comfort to his family.

  11. Gladys Wilson

    It is with great sadness I read of his passing. His sermons were down to earth and left a message with my family. May Jehovah find him faithful as he awakes in the First Resurrection.

  12. susan mladinich

    Pastor Ron Halvorsen Sr. allowed God to use him. Empowered by the Holy Spirit he had a passion to take the gospel to those who thought God couldn't reach them or that they didn't need God. His own testimony- from "From Gangs to God" is a witness of the saving power of the gospel. I know his mission work stirred the hearts of thousands who reflected on their own life understanding and believing no one is out of the reach for God. Thanks to his family for sharing him with this lost world that is in need of Jesus. God bless and keep his family and thank you to 3ABN for reaching into our homes with the Three Angels' Messages.

  13. Ivis Griffith

    I heard of the passing of Pastor Ron Halvorsen, a powerful man of God who loves the Lord. I have listened to him and was blessed by his messages. My heart is sad, and will pray for his family that God will strengthen them on this sad occasion. He is a man that any one would love because of his passion for Christianity. I am confident that he will be in the first resurrection.

  14. Gloria Ferrier

    What a great loss for the church and the ministry of 3ABN. Jesus is really coming He is putting His children to sleep. Condolences to the Halvorsen family.

  15. Linda Niles

    I truly loved Pastor Halvorsen. Even though I never met him , I felt a personal connection by watching and listening to him on 3ABN. I play his sermons and interviews over and over. When I learned of his passing, my heart hurt so bad. I can't believe that I could hurt so much for a man I have never met. As I write now, tears are streaming down my face. May God continue to bless his family and give them the strength they need to get through this time of great sorrow.

  16. Beverley Joseph

    Elder Halverson was truly a man of God. This was evident by how he talked about his love for Jesus and people of all backgrounds. May God continue to bless his wife and children.

  17. Mary Thomas

    So sorry tho hear of the passing of dear Pastor Halverson..I've got fond memories of him.
    He held an evangelistic series in London, England, in 1987. I had just been baptized that year and he was such an inspiring pastor.
    A few years later he was the commitment speaker at camp meeting in Camber Sands. I went to him and his wife Carol, and they both remembered me condolences to Carol and the family. May he rest in peace till that great getting-up morning when we will never weep again!

  18. Angela Dupey

    I know he was a man of God . . . I will see you one day again brother. He was one of my favorites, andI am so heart broken. But to God be the glory.

  19. Marjorie

    A great warrior for the Lord, and a great loss for God's people. He fought a good fight, and he rests from his labors. He will awake on the Resurrection morning to a "BRIGHT" future, as will all who rest in the Lord.

  20. Kennedy Ojijo

    I never had an opportunity to meet him in person, but I watched his touching sermons on 3ABN. Till we meet again at Jesus' feet, brother, fare thee well.