President Wilson Speaks on Unity in the Church on 3ABN Night Light

UPDATE (8/21/12): This program can now been posted on YouTube. (See related story and links.)

“Unity in the Church” was the topic on a special edition of 3ABN’s Night Light program that aired on Wednesday night, August 8 on  Three Angels Broadcasting Network. The program will be repeated on Thursday, August 9 at 10:00 p.m. Central Time (UTC-5).

Elder Ted N. C. Wilson, president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, appeared on the program hosted by 3ABN president Jim Gilley and 3ABN founder Danny Shelton. Pastor Mark Finley, special assistant to the General Conference president, and Brad Thorp, director of The Hope Channel, were also on the program.

This special edition of 3ABN Night Light came about after it became obvious that more time was needed than the original 20 minutes scheduled for Thursday night’s Night Light broadcast focusing on Spiritual Formation and Contemplative Prayer (see related story here).

The one-hour broadcast was broadcast live from the ASI International Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio, over 3ABN’s worldwide satellite network and 127 television stations in the United States, as well as 3ABN’s full-power stations in the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, and Uganda. It was also be streamed live on 3ABN’s website:

Watch the re-airing of this 3ABN Night Light program on Thursday, August 9 at 10:00 p.m. Central Time (UTC-5) immediately following our live Night Light program on Spiritual Formation and Contemplative Prayer.

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41 Responses to “President Wilson Speaks on Unity in the Church on 3ABN Night Light”

  1. Karen Cooke

    This is wonderful!! Thanks 3ABN, Elder Wilson, and Brad Thorp for putting on this program. Please convey to Elder Wilson that he has the prayers and support of me and my family. May God continue to prepare our church for His soon return.

  2. Tony Savage

    Hi and thanks for this notice. I’m in New Zealand and want to arrange to view the programme however time zones are confusing. Can you also let us know which day (your time) is “tonight” please? I can then work it out for our time zone. Thank you, Tony

  3. Kalon

    I am looking forward to this program, there are things coming, and are, in this church that God does not approve of. These things need to be exposed and rooted out. The Elijah message needs to be proclaimed loud and clear! God help us! We need to bring honor and glory back to His name. Thank you for doing your part, my prayers are with you.

  4. L. Smith

    Thank you so much for notifying us. Am anxiously awaiting his inspiring message at this time.

  5. Don Maddy

    How grateful my wife and I are that God has the man of the hour at the helm. I appreciate so much Elder Wilson’s compassionate and God fearing leadership. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide our church leadership. The ship is going through. God Bless the meeting tonight. dm

  6. Carmelita

    Thank you for sending out this important update. How wonderful it will be to see the teams from both Hope and 3ABN together tonight, with the GC president!

  7. Helene

    Thank you for the courtesy of this notice. I will definitely pray for, and watch the program. May the Lord give the necessary wisdom for this hour and that we would unite on truth – Biblical truth for such a time as this.

    May the Cleaver of Truth be our guide as He has from ages past.

  8. Pastor Rodel

    Thank you Elder Ted Wilson and 3ABN Team for the great info on the Night Light…Rest assured of our prayers here in Macau, China for this great program and we’ll be watching this great broadcast for God’s glory. God bless and more power!

  9. Laraine

    Good message, I believe this was a Christian approach to a difficult subject (women’s ordination).
    I would like to see the spiritual formation issue discussed in detail as well. I hope another panel discussion of similiar manner will be put together dealing with spiritual formation and notification will be given in advance so that more members will be aware of it and able to view it.

  10. Basil Downer

    I am truly greatful for this notice. As a matter of fact I was preparing for Thursday night when I came in and saw my email. I watched it on 3ABN sattelite 97. I am truly inspired by Elder Wilson’s demeanour and attitude in addressing Unity in the church. Pastor Finley also provided great support and vision for the Seventh-day Adventist Church. May we continue to depend on the leadership and guidance of the Holy Spirit as we did when the church was formed in the early days. May the Bible be our yardstick and the Spirit of Prophecy continue to help us see the Light.

  11. Terri Marcell

    Thank you! I watched it and it is always good to hear Elder Wilson speak to the worldwide Church! He has had a unifying effect since the General Conference when he was elected President. I was not a member of the Church at that time, but his humble and inspiring speech and subsequent leadership was a part of my decision to be baptised and join the Seventh-day Adventist Church. I still listen to it on the web from time to time, thank you 3ABN for being there to record it, for anyone that hasn’t seen or heard it, I highly recommend it. He is a good leader!

  12. reynold perez

    God bless Ted Wilson. May he stand for truth globally. Sometimes, like in England, it appears he is walking on eggs with church ativities there, trying not to split the church. God pity our faithful leaders. Bless them, Jesus. Please stand stiffly and lovingly for the truth of the three angels. Pray for us, God’s sheep, and “even so, come Lord Jesus.”

  13. James Eng

    Sure hope it will rebroadcast. We just missed it because the new video player needed Firefox to play.

  14. Betty Sue Keller

    Pray, pray, pray for the Holy Spirit to continue to lead our General Conference in how to connect with a Union that is out of step with the Bible’s interpretation of women’s ordination, as has been presented and understood. As one person reminded us, it was the pagans who had the women priestesses.

  15. Eric Mwenda

    Thank you so much for arranging such a necessary topic for discussion, we need unity in the church. May God bless the 3ABN team.

  16. Salome Omanya

    Thanks for the notification. I’m in Kenya and will try to watch it when this will be possible.

  17. winn

    I am so happy for this information. May God Bless and more Power.

  18. Tony Savage

    Thank you. Can you please let me know when it will be available for viewing on 3ABN via the Optus D2 satellite as a friend was watching at that correct time but did not see it. Also, for those of us who are at work during the broadcast, will it be available for download from this website?

    • Editorial

      Tony, the following times are for today’s broadcasts in New Zealand Standard Time:

      Today at 1:00 pm – 3ABN Night Light on Spiritual Formation and Contemplative Prayer (LIVE)
      Today at 3:00 pm – 3ABN Night Light on Unity in the Church with Elder Ted N. C. Wilson (re-airing)

      Hope that helps.

  19. Christian Nwazue

    The world we are living in today is becoming too dangerous for children of God. The influence of evil in our society is overwhelming and many are turning away from God. This is the time the church should be more united to effectively present our savior Jesus to the world in need of Him. I thank God for the discussions on the unity of the church. It was very inspiring and timely. May God continue to His church Amen.

  20. Don Maddy

    I am so dissappointed this morning. We tried to watch the airing last evening (the 8th) but were confused on the time and added two hours to the central time instead of subtracting. We missed it but plan to watch tonight. Don

    • winifred ajagbonna

      The idea of prayer for revival and reformation in God’s church is very timely and essential for those of us living in the last days. May God bless Pastor Ted Wilson and family and anoint him with the Holy Spirit so that he can mobilize the church to engage in witnessing, and the gospel can be preached in all the world, hastening the coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Personally I do not see why we should be discussing/arguing the issue of women ordination at this time of earth’s history. The commission to preach the gospel was given to every man, woman, boy, and girl who is a disciple of Jesus. We are all called to minister the Word whereever and whenever we can. Go Go Go …and tell the world that Jesus loves them. He died for them, and He is coming again soon. Let us pray for each other and pray that that every barrier which divides us will be broken down so that we will receive the outpouring of the Holy Ghost to empower us do do God’s will, proclaim the three angels’ messages with power, and receive the seal of God. God bless the church all over the world and may people of other denominations heed the call to come out of Babylon and receive the seal of God and get ready for the coming of Jesus.

  21. Maureen Wallace

    Many thanks for the notification. I watched the show last evening and was blessed to the point of tears. Praise the Lord for the power of His Holy Spirit and those of our leaders who daily depend on Him for guidance. If only our members would remember that there will be no dissension in Heaven, and we must be born again to enter into eternal life. I know that 3ABN was ordained by God to advance His gospel in all the world. Thank you for all that you do, and may God continue to bless you richly.

  22. Felipe Chávez Luarte

    It is possible that host the video on your website?


  23. Lay Pastor Ed Soto

    Thanks for the notice, I will watch and pray for this great event. God bless and pray we get great feedback.

  24. Helene

    Thank you for the notice – may the Lord lead and guide all the decisions; and may we unite on points of truth.

    Thank you.

  25. Arnold mckenzie

    I hope this mash is cleared up soon so we can get on with the Word of God. Is this the devil’s work to break up the church, or is this one of them that put God’s
    people to fight with each other? The Bible and only the Bible should be taught, and not to vary from it. That is my belief, and the Bible is the only thing to go by!

  26. Grace E. Lafferty

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and other leaders. Be strong and take courage, God is with you. Grace

  27. mercy ballard

    Very refreshing to hear these godly leaders calling for unity. May prayers are with all the wonderful leaders!

  28. Lodie

    Hi! thanks for this notice. I’m from the Philippines and I want to watch the programme, but I don’t know when it wiil be shown here. God Bless and more power to you!

  29. Bossous Jn Richard

    Thank you so much for notifying us. I can thardly wait for his inspiring message at this time. The church really needs to be unified to finish the job. I just finish one month of crusade in Paris (Maranatha Seventh-day Adventist Church), and the Lord has blessed us. Even though we faced alot of blockades, we had about 40 people who accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour. Elder Wilson is the one who inspired that project! If you ever need more news about our story, please feel free to call or write us. May the Lord Bless you!

  30. Claude Lombart

    Is it possible for you to send us a link so we can watch it for those of us who could not watch it when it was aired?

  31. Rosalia

    Thanks to 3ABN for the wonderful programme. We also thank Mark and Ted for the inspiring presentation on unity. I was humbled and inspired. You will always be in our prayers. God bless you and your families.

  32. Peter and Cassie Egyed

    “Be strong and of good courage,” Elder Wilson! My family is behind you because we believe that God requires submission, obedience, and trust. We have been praying for you. Never doubt the destiny of this Advent movement. Just don’t get discouraged. We are so thrilled that you have initiated sound biblical projects. May God keep you in His hand lest you dash your foot. May He grant you strength when a small vocal group of people of militant nature are attacking you, look to Christ! The Adventist church always grew in hard times. Let it happen again. Our prayers are with you!

  33. Courtney

    I viewed the program, and though I have mixed feelings and opinions on the subject because as a young individual, I think that my Christianity should not depend on my gender. However I loved how Pastor Ted Wilson explained the church’s perspective. As leaders of the church I know that Christ had followers that were both women and men.

  34. Shayne

    Thank you for the notice. l will definately watch and pray for it.

  35. Anita

    Praise the Lord for His man on the job. Thank you Pastor Wilson for standing up at such a time as this. “Every device that the prince of darkness can suggest will be employed to induce God’s servants to form a confederacy with the agents of Satan. Repeated solicitations will come to call them from duty; but, like Nehemiah, they should steadfastly reply, ‘I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down.'” Prophets and Kings p. 659. We are all praying for unity in our Lord and Precious Saviour Jesus Christ.


    Am writing at midnight of Wednesday, Aug 15, 2012, from the Philippines. I am so glad to know that earlier this month Elder Ted Wilson, our GC president, addressed the world church on a vital topic. I just heard of it tonight when it appeared on the 3ABN e-mail… Please notify me when it will be replayed in the Pacific zone on THAICOM 3. I’m a retired youth director and hospital chaplain, since July, 1996. I pray that the leadership of President Ted Wilson will be blessed by the Holy Spirit during this climactic closing period of this world’s history. MARANATHA!

  37. Esmie

    When will you air this again? Or is their a site where I can just pull it up at any given time to watch at my convenience?