Announcing our Newest Network: 3ABN Français

Three Angels Broadcasting Network exists to bring the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14 to the world, and now we’ve been blessed with a new network—3ABN Français!

“This is the most exciting outreach to the French-speaking world I’ve ever seen in all my years of ministry,” says 3ABN president, Jim Gilley. “We are delighted to begin broadcasting to this new audience, and we praise the Lord for this blessing!”

The Need

Hundreds of millions speak French either as their official language or lingua franca (a language used among people of different mother tongues), and just as He’s done before, God has chosen a special couple to lead out in the work.

Simon and Rose-Hélène Bolo live in Martinique, a French region of the Caribbean that shares the French language with the nearby island of Guadeloupe, and French Guiana, on the northern coast of South America. Simon first discovered 3ABN while installing a satellite dish in 1999, and although he couldn’t understand English, he recognized our Seventh-day Adventist programming by watching a prophecy series.

Soon he contacted Moses Primo, 3ABN’s director of broadcasting and engineering, to obtain permission to rebroadcast and translate 3ABN programs into French.

“From the beginning, I saw the great potential to preach the gospel in French, and it has been a burden on my heart to offer the three angels’ messages in as many different languages as possible,” Moses says.

A Dream Comes True

In 2009, Simon secured a channel on Numéricable, the French-owned cable company serving Martinique, Guadeloupe, and French Guiana.

“My dream was to preach the gospel through television,” Simon says, “but I thought it would be by building a television station, not an entire network! However, God convinced me I should be working with 3ABN, and we are excited to do so.”

Simon and Rose-Hélène Bolo visited 3ABN headquarters recently to set up 3ABN Français and train in all aspects of network management and production.

Simon and Rose-Hélène Bolo visited 3ABN headquarters recently to set up 3ABN Français and train in all aspects of network management and production. (Photo: Svetlana Christian)

The work has required great sacrifice from Simon and Rose-Hélène, but God has faithful supplied their needs. Recently they traveled to our headquarters to set up the network and train in network operations and production.

“Lay ministry work is somewhat new in our region, but we are blessed to have the support of the church,” Simon adds. “Pastor Thelor Lambert, the communications director for the French Antilles-Guiana Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, shares in our excitement and has agreed to serve on our board of directors.”

“We’ve been blessed by a group of 20 volunteers who translate programs and help in the production of events like the recent Ten Commandments Weekend in Guadeloupe,” Rose-Hélène adds. “New French programs will soon arrive from Canada’s Mieux Vivre (Better Living) ministry, as well as from other areas, like France, Nigeria, Guadeloupe, and French Guiana.

“As I watch, I feel the power of God’s blessing on 3ABN, and I want all French people to experience this power!”

“French has been one of the dearest languages to me for a long time because of the challenge of reaching a secular society,” Moses concludes. “Once again, I see God’s perfect timing, and I’m excited about what’s in store!”

Visit their French language website here.

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10 Responses to “Announcing our Newest Network: 3ABN Français”

  1. Lou Matteo

    I'm very excited about the new 3abn in 'lingua franca'! Look forward to the programmes.
    God bless


    This is wonderful news!
    As a francophone, I am excited to read this. I know it will be a tremendous blessing.
    I will continue to pray for them and the whole 3ABN team.

  3. Rodney Reynold

    Hi 3ABN Francais,

    Greetings from 3ABN Trinidad & Tobago!

    Oh praise the Lord for this amazing new 3ABN Network! I am delighted to see this Network land.

    Keep on keeping with Jesus.

  4. Eddy T. Arroyo

    To God be all the glory on your new adventure spreading the gospel and delivering the salvation of Jesus Christ. We too are looking into broadcasting the good news of The three Angels messages to worship God as creator. If you can send us some information we would gladly appreciate your help on what it took for you to start up your network.

  5. Rolf Vaessen

    Felicitations a 3ABN! Commencons l'emmission! Ne, perdons pas une jour de plus!

  6. CHEVON Jean-roger

    Que Dieu bénisse le ministère de son évangile en Français; et, surtout l'équipe qui prend la responsabilité de la propager au delà des océans en Français, je suis heureux que cela ai pu aboutir, les voies de Dieu sont impénétrable ! A Simon et Rose-Hélène bon courage et que le Seigneur vous bénissent !

  7. Marieta

    C'est une grande bénédiction de pouvoir participer à l'oeuvre. Rose-Hélène et Simon doivent continuer à proclamer l'évangile par ce biais. Beaucoup attendent d'entendre parler de Jésus, ce Sauveur alors ne tardons pas! Soyez fortifiés dans le beau nom de Jésus.

  8. Roy Steck

    When will the French programming begin?
    Will it be on the G19 satellite or Internet or both?

    • Editorial

      According to Moses Primo, 3ABN's director of broadcasting and engineering, 3ABN Français will initially be an Internet channel only. 3ABN is planning to launch it by November 2013. Watch for an announcement, and please pray for this new network!

  9. Nicolette

    Bienvenue à 3bn en Français, et longue vie. Nous avons hâte de retrouver les programmes pour les adultes et les enfants. Que le message de l'évangile se propage davantage avec 3bn.