New Story: “I Saw You On TV!” Vickie Was Hooked

Ben Tejano

In November 2016, Philippine Ambassador, Bienvenido Tejano visited 3ABN headquarters during our thirty-second anniversary. While he was with us, he spoke about the miracles God performed in both the Philippines and Papua New Guinea, that allowed 3ABN to install and broadcast over full-power television stations in those countries.

A Wonderful Surprise

During his talk, Ambassador Tejano mentioned a wonderful surprise he experienced at one of the largest Seventh-day Adventist Churches in the Philippines. “Just a few Sabbaths ago, I was invited to speak during the hour of worship at a large gathering of the Church’s communication group, with several thousands of people in attendance. I talked about the programs on Three Angels Broadcasting Network, and even shared a little bit of how brother Danny started 3ABN. Then, when I asked if there were some souls who had been blessed or baptized through the efforts of this ministry, I was much surprised to see hundreds and even thousands raise their hands.



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