New Stations, New Opportunities

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Exciting things are happening at 3ABN Radio Network!

Periodically, we like to let you know which radio stations we’ve recently welcomed into the 3ABN Radio family, so here are a few new ones. Some are newly constructed stations. Others have been broadcasting for a while but are now using 3ABN Radio programming in their broadcast schedules.

United States: Full Power

  • KRJE 89.9 FM, Hawkeye, Iowa

United States: Low Power FM

  • WEHR-LP 100.1 FM, Port St. Lucie, Florida
  • KSAF-LP 104.1 FM, Minot, North Dakota
  • Micro-Transmitter, 1580 AM, Lincoln, Nebraska

Australia: Low Power FM

  • 88.0 FM, Abergowrie, Queensland
  • 88.7 FM, Collinsvale, Tasmania

Australia: Full Power FM

  • 1629 AM, Busselton, W. Australia

New Zealand: Low Power FM

  • 87.9 FM Waitakere, Auckland
  • 107.7 FM Ashhurst, Manawatu
  • 107.7 FM Levin, Manawatu
  • 107.7 FM Pahiatua, Manawatu
  • 107.7 FM Palmerston, Manawatu

As you can see, many of these affiliates have the words, “Low Power” connected to their station. The low power stations in the U.S. are licensed to broadcast at a maximum of 100 watts, while those in Australia and New Zealand are licensed for one watt. Some signals are reaching a few hundred people, while others are reaching thousands! But whatever the number, they are all doing exactly what God called them to do and spreading the gospel message right where He wanted it to be heard. Praise the Lord!

For several of us here at 3ABN’s world headquarters, the past few months have been very busy getting the 3ABN Latino Radio network ready to launch. What an exciting opportunity the Lord has given us—another arm of the ministry to reach even more souls for His Kingdom! Many of our English-speaking affiliate stations are anxious to include some of the Latino programming into their broadcast schedule. We’ve also heard from numerous Spanish-speaking radio stations, located in the United States and other countries, who are anxious to use that programming as well.

As always, we ask that you keep our affiliate stations and the people who own, operate, and support them in your prayers.

As Ellen White wrote in My Life Today, “This message will close with power and strength far exceeding the midnight cry” (p. 63).

—From the October 2011 issue of 3ABN World

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