New from 3ABN Books: Miss Brenda’s Bedtime Stories, Volumes 1 & 2

New from 3ABN Books: Miss Brenda's Bedtime Stories, Volumes 1 & 2

The first two volumes of Miss Brenda’s Bedtime Stories from 3ABN Books and Pacific Press, are now available from 3ABN and Adventist Book Centers everywhere.

Brenda Walsh, host and producer of 3ABN’s Kids’ Time television series, says, “Several years ago, Pacific Press president, Dale Galusha, approached me with an idea of writing a series of books similar to the popular Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories. As you know, these books have been read and loved by many generations, but in order to meet the needs of children today, he felt kids would benefit from stories they could relate to growing up in our modern high-tech world.

“The main focus of this story collection is to teach children important lessons on forgiveness, answered prayer, being kind to others, the value of honesty and obedience, trusting God, and many others,” she continues. “Some of these stories will keep you on the edge of your seat, while others will have you laughing, and still others will warm your heart. All of them are based on true stories, written by beloved and best-selling authors that I personally invited to be part of this project. I’ve even written some of them myself.”

Brenda explains that the stories in these books are “non-doctrinal, character building stories with modern settings that kids today can relate to. There is also a corresponding Bible verse at the end of each and every story. And they’re all beautifully illustrated with full color photographs,” she adds.

The first two volumes in this five-part series are completed and available now, volumes three and four are almost complete, and the fifth volume will be available soon.

Each volume of Miss Brenda’s Bedtime Stories is available for a suggested donation of just $25 (postpaid in the United Sates). Visit our online store (Volume 1, Volume 2), or call 3ABN’s friendly customer service representatives at 618-627-4651 during regular business hours, Monday–Thursday.

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