New 3ABN Kid’s Book by Joyce Neal is Perfect for Ages 8 to 98!

Grandma Joyce Neal's new book, Little Cabin by the River, is now available from 3ABN Books and Pacific Press. Joyce is host of 3ABN's Grandma's House series.

3ABN Books and Pacific Press have just announced a new book by Grandma’s House host, Joyce Neal. Little Cabin by the River is a wonderful collection of true stories from her childhood that will help children embrace the wide, wonderful world of discovery, and throw open the doors of their hearts to Jesus. It captures a time when life was simpler and sweeter; when the warmth and comfort of family, the sense of belonging that came from worshiping in a small country church, and the blessings of family worship were what life was all about.

“Those early years had a huge impact me and set the course for who I am today,” Joyce says. “I always had tangled hair and dirty knees because I loved to dig in the dirt—and I always followed things wherever they led me. A beetle, a butterfly, or a dead cow, I didn’t care (and yes, there’s a story in the book about the cow cemetery)! Everything was an adventure, and I was a very curious little girl. I wanted kids to know what it was like to be a child back then—before the distractions of TV and iPads, when ‘Twittering’ was what the birds did outside!”

The Simple Things
Joyce says that although the book was written for kids on one level, she also has a burden to reach adults—especially those who have lost their way. “Maybe they’re just waiting for an invitation to come back, a call to remember the simple things of their childhood and the connections made with a loving Heavenly Father,” she says.

“I hope that the children who read it will have a rollicking good time with the stories, and that they’ll be inspired to get outdoors into God’s great big beautiful world to have some adventures of their own,” she continues. “I also hope their parents will understand how important it is to establish a child’s connection with God through family worship—even before they think their child will remember. And for us older folks, I hope the book will find it’s way into the hands of someone who will respond to what I’ve tried to say with my heart—that if you’ve wondered away, we want you back, and if you’re here, we’re so glad you are, because you are valuable and needed!”

Joyce pauses for a moment, then adds, “It would be a huge reward if just one person found their way back to the Lord. It’s a big wish for such a simple book, but maybe someone will connect.”

Little Cabin by the River is available for a suggested donation of just $13, postpaid in the United States. It can be ordered at our online store, or by calling 618-627-4651 Monday through Thursday during regular business hours.

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