Misplaced Dreams

by Dr. Yvonne Lewis

One of my young male relatives is in trouble. He’s hanging out with the wrong crowd, smoking marijuana, is truant from school, and comes from a broken home. He totally fits the profile of the young males that Dare to Dream aspires to reach.

But how did he get to this point? As a child, he had issues; ADHD was just one condition that challenged him on a regular basis. From an early age his mother had to go to his school to see about him, since he was often in trouble for one thing or another. He has learning disabilities, yet he’s great in math. But right now all he wants to count is money. He thinks that money will be the answer to his problems. He wants to fit in. He wants to wear the best clothes, hang out with the coolest kids (I know I’m dating myself with that word), and be a rapper. He writes great poetry, but he has dreams of being in the music industry.

What works?

What can we do for kids like this?

The first thing we can do is establish a non-hypocritical role model for them. In other words, we need to practice what we preach! Young people are very smart—and often very observant! They’re not impressed with us older folks who lecture them and then live differently. When we say one thing and do another we are teaching by example, and they’re not listening to what we say.

Secondly, we need to offer them alternative entertainment. Now, hear me out. I’m not talking about trying to be like the world; I’m suggesting that we need to give them an uncompromising alternative to worldly entertainment. Our kids are media-savvy. They’ve grown up in a multimedia environment. Dare to Dream is giving them an alternative to the trash that’s out there by offering socially relevant programming from a spiritual perspective. We place a strong emphasis on youth, and when you watch Dare to Dream you’ll see that we’re really appealing to our youth to be strong, focused, and spiritual.

Recently, on Urban Report, I interviewed David Massey and Andre Blake of Urban Christian Entertainment. Subsequently, Danny Shelton and I interviewed them again on 3ABN Today. These men offer “movies that matter.” Their films are cutting edge, with moral messages and study guides that foster dialogue among the youth. I also interviewed another filmmaker, Ryan Johnson, of Bellum Art and Engineering. His project, Redemption, and his upcoming project, Daniel and Revelation, reveal breathtaking special effects while simultaneously teaching profound Biblical truths about the end time. With film ministries such as these, our children can receive the gospel through media. It’s a great thing!

Next, we need to remove everything from our homes that encourages demonic spirits. Are you into reading your horoscope? Books about vampires? Listening to provocative or even rebellious music? All these encourage a demonic presence in our homes. We must make them a place where God is pleased to dwell.

Finally, we need to teach our children that God wants a relationship with them. A relationship that is not based on rules, but based on love! If we teach our children who He is, they may just want to get to know Him for themselves. Pray and ask the Lord just how to introduce Him to your children, and how to encourage an ongoing relationship with Him.

Now, if I can just get these spiritual fundamentals across to my young family member! Pray with me that God will show all of us how to help our kids get rid of those misplaced dreams!

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