John Carter Celebrates 50 Years of Ministry

Pastor John Carter, along with his wife Beverly, has been preaching the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ in halls, tents, churches, and outdoor stadiums for half a century—and he’s still going strong!

And now The Carter Report television ministry will hold a very special celebration of 50 years or uninterrupted gospel preaching with a two-hour program, which will be recorded at the Carter Report Center on February 25, 2012, beginning at 10:30 a.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Pastor Carter is a graduate of Avondale College in Australia, and has dedicated his life to ministering throughout the world, proclaiming the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ. The program will re-trace The Carter Report evangelistic campaigns in Australia, Russia, Ukraine, India, Jamaica, the Solomon Islands, and the United States.

His ministry will be honored by many guests from around the world, including Danny Shelton, Jim Gilley, and Julia Outkina from 3ABN; Mrs. Willie Jordan from President Fred Jordan Mission; Pastor Harold Harker from Australia; Warren Judd from the Adventist Media Center; Jimmy and Pam Rhodes from Tennessee; Dave Deno from radio station KKLA; and many other friends from the United States.

If you’d like to take part in this joyful celebration of the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ, please assure your seating by coming early to The Carter Report Center, 100 West Duarte Road, in Arcadia, California. You may also call 626-254-0898 for more information.

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