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GYC en Español participants

(Photo: David Pollock.)

One of the most inspiring Spanish meetings of the year is the GYC en Español youth conference, whose goal is to equip and inspire youth to be ambassadors for Christ, wherever they may be. This year’s meeting was no exception, and I am thankful to Carolina Bonilla and Carolyn Azo for their report on the blessings and highlights of this year’s conference. —John Dinzey, General Manager of 3ABN Latino

by Carolina Bonilla and Carolyn Azo

Under the theme, “Firmes y Adelante!” (Firm and Forward!), the fourth annual international Hispanic Generation of Youth for Christ conference, GYC en Español, was held in Texas at the Keene Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church—and, of course, 3ABN Latino was there, ready to take action!

Putting Facebook Aside

This youth congress is growing each year as revival spreads around the world. We have been blessed to broadcast this event for the past four years, and young people in other countries like Ecuador have caught the vision and are planning a future GYC event themselves. Young adults face difficult challenges today that can only be overcome with the wisdom derived through study of God’s Word. We believe it is essential to focus on this age group, too, and that’s a challenge we look forward to!

This year’s GYC en Español featured seminars by international speakers. Topics included: “How to Overcome Temptation,” by Dr. Manuel Montero; “Christian Leadership,” by Pastor Raúl Gómez; “Health and Temperance,” by missionary Martha Muñoz; “Spiritual Christian Disciplines,” by Pastor Ismael Castillo; and “Men and Women in the Image of God,” by Pastor Isaac and Miriam López.

From opening night, Pastor Ismael Castillo, Sr., president of Montemorelos University in Mexico, challenged the audience to dedicate more time to the study of God’s Word. “Let’s put our Facebook aside and spend more time with the Book!”


The highlight of the weekend came on Sabbath afternoon as young people spread out through the city of Cleburne, going door to door. The results were amazing!

“When we were about to leave, a young man opened his door and was amazed that young people would come talk to him about God,” said 15-year-old Jennifer Ramírez. “When he asked what church we attended, I told him we were Seventh-day Adventists, and then he told us he used to be an Adventist as a child. I suggested he read The Great Controversy, and he indicated he wanted to have the book very badly. Returning to the church, I felt a burden to give him one, so after the evening session several of my friends and I went back to his house, gave him the book, and prayed with him. I am so excited! I want to do this again!”

Eloé Esquivel from Kansas says, “I was able to pray with two families, and was very excited to tell them about God, because I remembered the first Sabbath someone knocked on my door!”

By the end of the day they had knocked on 369 doors, prayed with 57 people, left literature in 190 homes, and compiled a list of 63 names of those who were interested in receiving Bible studies.

More to Do

On the last day, the hymn, “Firmes y Adelante,” echoed throughout the campus of Southwestern Adventist University as a group of young people gathered at 6:00 a.m. to pray for one another and have a morning devotional. GYC en Español president, Mark Valadez, said: “I’m excited to see our Spanish-speaking young people actively involved in evangelism. During our Sabbath program more than 800 of them listened to Pastor Carlos Craig’s powerful message, and I think we’ve accomplished some of our objectives. However, there’s still much more we need to do for our Hispanic youth. For this reason we’ll continue to partner with Seventh-day Adventist leadership in Texas, throughout the United States, and worldwide. We’re so grateful for 3ABN Latino’s support in helping us be part of Generation of Youth for Christ.”

GYC en Español 2011 will begin airing soon on 3ABN Latino. Check out our program schedule online at 3abnlatino.org.

—From the October 2011 issue of 3ABN World

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