$500,000 Matching Donation for HD / Tapeless Equipment

Where God guides, He provides, and once again God has blessed 3ABN as we face our need for new hi-definition (HD) cameras and the equipment needed to switch over from videotape to a tapeless (computer-based) recording system!

“A generous anonymous donor has stepped forward and offered to give up to $500,000 in matching funds towards these needs,” says 3ABN President, Jim Gilley, “but we need your help to raise the other $500,000 by the end of July.”

What a blessing this is! Changes in television technology have made it absolutely necessary to change over to HD television, and abandon the use of videotape. “Our cameras are 17 years old, and it is increasingly difficult to find parts when they need repairs,” says Moses Primo, 3ABN’s Director of Broadcasting and Engineering. “In addition, videotape has become as expensive as it is scarce, and parts for our faithful recorders have become nearly impossible to find, since they have not been in production for many years.”

We have trusted God to supply our needs, and we believe He will impress His followers with a desire to help this ministry continue its worldwide ministry! Will you partner with us to take advantage of these matching funds? Your $10 gift can be turned into $20! And your $100 gift will become $200!

Thank you for your generous support. You make it possible for us to reach the world for Jesus!

Call Now! 618-627-4651

Or donate online at 3abn.org; select “HD Tapeless” in the donation category drop-down selector.

You may also donate by mail. Send your donation to: 3ABN, PO Box 220, West Frankfort, IL 62896. Be sure to earmark your donation “HD/Tapeless.”

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7 Responses to “$500,000 Matching Donation for HD / Tapeless Equipment”

  1. Bro. Levi Amarachi Egbuta

    May the almighty God bless the donor of five hundred thousand dollars to 3ABN for the project. I am personally impressed by your religious programs. Keeep it up.

  2. Richard

    I have contributed to 3ABN in the past and appreciate the work you do. However, I cannot understand how someone would donate money for God's work but only if others would match him. Seems strange to me. I also wanted to make this observation, when I first began watching your network several years ago, it was rare that money was requested. It was a breath of fresh air from some of the other Christian broadcast. But now 3ABN is changing.

  3. Mollie Steenson

    Hi Richard,

    Thank you for your comments. We always appreciate hearing from our viewers and listeners.

    Thank you also for your contributions to 3ABN. We stand amazed at God’s provision to meet the needs of this ministry through those He impresses to help us. We never have funds available to do what we need to do – but, as we are obedient to Him, all of our bills get paid and we have no long-term debt. It has been that way from the beginning as God keeps us on our knees each day.

    The donor who is matching the funds was looking for a way to be doubly helpful and we are so happy to tell you that there has been a wonderful response. At last report we had nearly reached the $500,000 goal – and the donor went ahead and sent the $500,000 in faith that the full amount would be reached. So, Praise God, we can move forward with our tapeless system because of the faithfulness of God’s people and this donor who had a creative idea.

    Please keep 3ABN in your prayers. We know we certainly have room to improve in many areas of this ministry and strive to only do what God would have us do.

    Again, thank you for your comments. Our prayer for you is that God will greatly bless you.

    Mollie Steenson
    Vice President

  4. Johnny

    I am a fan of 3ABN, I am in a Haiti, i am watching 3ABN online very often, I would like to contribute unfortunately I don't have money but I will keep you on my prayers, may Our father in Heaven continues to bless you guys for the marvelous work you're doing. Our God is faithfull you'll get the money needed.

  5. David

    Mrs. Steenson, would you please get your secretary to correct the typo on your title from "Vide President" to "Vice President". 🙂 Thanks. Continued God's blessings on your work and ministry.

    • Michael Prewitt

      Thanks for catching that, it's been fixed. 🙂