3ABN World, August 2012

[download_box]3ABN World, August 2012, is now available for download in PDF format. (Click this link to download.)[/download_box]


  • Page 6: 3ABN Latino: Nine Years Strong! Counting our blessings, again!
  • Page 18: In a Perfect World: A grandfather longs for Heaven
  • Page 20: God Had a Plan: Deyvy realized he was closing the door on God!
  • Page 36: Sprouts: Keeping a garden in your kitchen
  • Page 38: Recipe: Creamy Spinach Lasagna: A favorite crowd-pleaser
  • Page 40: A Special Encounter: God arranges a bus stop introduction
  • Page 44: A Divine Covenant: Rules or relationship?
  • Page 46: Love Rules! New music project by Danny Shelton

Plus our usual department updates from 3ABN Radio, 3ABN Latino, and Dare to Dream, our broadcast schedules, and more.

3ABN Latino: Nine Years Strong!
ASI International Convention: It’s Time!