3ABN Night Light to Address Spiritual Formation and Contemplative Prayer

UPDATE (8/21/12): This program can now been posted on YouTube. (See related story and links.)

In an effort to shed more light on the topics of Spiritual Formation and Contemplative Prayer, we will broadcast a special live edition of our 3ABN Night Light program on Thursday, August 9, at 8:00 p.m. Central Time (UTC-5), immediately following the evening program of the ASI International Convention.

3ABN president, Jim Gilley, and 3ABN production manager, C. A. Murray, will be the moderators for this important discussion. Their guests will include:

Dan Jackson – President of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists

Mark Finley – Assistant to the General Conference President for Evangelism

Dr. Derek Morris – Associate Ministerial Secretary for the General Conference

Dan Houghton – President of Hart Research

Frank Fournier – President of Adventist-laymen’s Services and Industries (ASI)

Harold Lance – President of ASI Missions, Inc.

“The ASI Convention in Cincinnati gives us this tremendous opportunity to visit with leaders of our church concerning issues we face in our denomination world wide,” says 3ABN president, Jim Gilley. “We invite our viewers to watch this important program.”

NOTE: A special re-airing of Wednesday’s 3ABN Night Light program on Unity in the Church with General Conference president, Ted N. C. Wilson, will air immediately following this program (see related story).

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65 Responses to “3ABN Night Light to Address Spiritual Formation and Contemplative Prayer”

  1. Joy

    Although it will be early morning when the programme is broadcast in London, I intend to stay up to watch it. In the meantime, I will pray for God’s blessings and for the outpouring of His Spirit upon the broadcast and upon all who participate in it.

    God bless you richly!

  2. Penelope Bidwell

    Praise God that 3 ABN is addressing the topics of Spiritual Formation and Contemplative Prayer, two very dangerous practices creeping into our church. I applaud you and the courage you are exhibiting to present these topics. My prayers are with you that God will deliver a massive impact upon our people. I am still reeling from the vote regarding Women’s Ordinatuion. How sad that we follow the counsels of men rather than God’s Word!!

    • Patricia

      Gods timing is perfect! I praise the Lord for 3ABN. Thank you for not compromising the Faith! The only Christian broadcast I watch besides Amazing Discoveries.

  3. Dwight Turner

    Regarding the invitation I received from you via email on the subject of Spiritual Formation and Contemplative Prayer, I would like to know if the program will be for or against this subject. Even many churches in the evangelical world agree that Spiritual Formation and Contemplative Prayer is a veiled form of spiritualism that brings a person into an altered state of consciousness, thus allow the enemy of souls to take control of a person’s mind. Thanks.

  4. Peter Lopez

    A topic of this import should also be broadcasted on the Hope Channel.

    • Donna M

      The brethren chose to put this program on 3ABN. Pastors Gilley and Murray have been doing 3ABN Night Light since the General Conference Session in 2010. They have been fair and factual in keeping us informed on important church issues. 3ABN is a good choice for this discussion, and I cannot wait to see it. I am sure that 3ABN will be happy to provide Hope Channel with a copy of this program. God Bless you all at 3ABN.

  5. Clint Anderson

    Night Light,

    We are so thankful for your interest in keeping us members of the church throughout the states informed of important meetings such as this. You are much appreciated. May God continue to shower 3ABN with blessings unlimited.

  6. R A

    It is wonderful to have the discussion. But also seems strange that Morris is on the panel since it is rumored here that he started the SF at Southern and it continues to thrive and spread even though it is said that he no longer believes that it is right? Really sad that the devil has twisted what should be a simple way to come to the Lord but has brought his lies and deceit into the church. Really amazing that many of the leadership is going off track over this as well as the ordaining of women ministers which it totally wrong from how I understand the Spirit of Prophecy. Thanks for spreading the Word! Pray for you on a daily basis!

  7. Jessica

    We will definitely stay up to watch and anxiously await the address from Elder Wilson.
    ~ Concerned Columbia Union member

  8. dora bull

    I want to thank you for contacting me when to be looking for this,,,, my prayers are with you all . may GOD keep blessing 3abn…

  9. Robert Manning

    Thank you SO much for addressing these subjects on NightLight. Will look forward to clarification on these issues. Is it part of the Omega Apostacy.

  10. Manuel N. Fauni

    Praise the Lord! It is about time that we take our stand against this false teaching of “Spiritual Formation” which almost always includes contemplative prayer. Even some of our pastors have been beguiled so much so that they have included spiritual formation as a ministry in their SDA churches. Is it true that even our schools and universities have made it as part of their curricula? It is interesting to note that many Protestant pastors have been sounding the alarm about Spiritual Formation for a long time now and it is only now that our leaders have been moved to fight it. Well, better late than never. Discussions over the Internet have been going on for a long time now and we lay people have been sounding the alarm against it but nobody is listening. As an offshoot of Spiritual Formation is another beguiling false teaching –” Experiencing God” — a non-biblical teaching, making our individual experience as basis of our actions and not on what the Bible says, thus doing away with the moral standard found in Scriptures. I hope our panel will also discuss this false teaching creeping into our churches today, when some pastors have been using this book as a text for Bible studies. Thank you and God bless.

    In Christ,

    Manuel N. Fauni.

  11. Terri Marcell

    Thank you for the update! There is a very slim to none chance I would miss it, as I don’t miss anything on 3ABN! I love you all, and what you are doing for the cause of finishing strong, and taking us home! God bless!

  12. Manuel N. Fauni

    Please include the false teaching of EXPERIENCING GOD, which is an offshoot of SPIRITUAL FORMATION AND CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER. Thank you and God bless.

    In Christ,

    Manuel N. Fauni

  13. Lascelle Davis

    Thank you for the invitation. We are concerned about these new developments, but as a church if these things were not happening, we would not be the true church. From time to time satan will find different ways to create disunity as we approach the final crisis. this is the time would should be praying as never before as we see events unfold which we have long known were coming.

    L. A. Davis
    ASI Prayer Ministry, Jamaica

  14. Holly

    I would really like to watch this but will be attending ASI and working the booth. Is there a way to get a copy of this program or will this be discussed at ASI? Thank you

  15. John & Adele Satelmayer

    Dear 3ABN President, Leaders etc.
    We would like to join the many who are disatisfied with what is going on in the church spiritualy in many areas. We hope that our leaders will take a firm stand against all new theories that fly in our faces for quite some time. Trying to modernise worship, beliefs etc, by steping out of the former foundation that was set for God’s people in the last day movement under the three angels messages which became the Seventh day Adventist Church.
    We will pray for this special event. J.A. Satelmayer

  16. Sandy Aro

    PRAISE GOD! that you will go into this Spiritual Formation subject more detail. It is
    shaking up our churches. We need to be alert of topics from the podium and we
    need to be closer to God and HIS word. Thank you for “daring to be a Daniel”
    and standing up and revealing this falsehood. MAY GOD BLESS YOU!

  17. Maglor

    Will you make this video available after the streaming? 🙂
    Thank you.

  18. Emma K

    It is about time we meet erroneous teachings head on and let the people know where we stand as a church body that those who are searching for Biblical truth can unite with us and those who have been deceived may find their way to join us and that God’s people may become united in spirit and in truth. Unity is the preserving element in the church without it the church disintegrates.

  19. Aj Martinez

    I look forward to light being shed on these topics. When many speak of unity between all churches, it is important to remember that Gods’ people are called to be a peculiar people. We must be wary of bringing into the church ideas that have no biblical foundation. I pray that we stay true to Gods’ will in all things

  20. Rich & Joyce

    Some of us can not view it live, we pray you will provide a complete wriiten transcript after the meeting.

  21. Peter Roberts

    Thank you for your kindly reminder and will be tuning in, in Australia.
    May the the Lord continue to richly bless 3ABN as you continually serve Him. You are in our prayers.

    Peter Roberts

  22. Lily

    All these topics are so critical to be addressed and shown in their true light. I still run into people when I tell them about it they don’t know what I’m talking about! I know this has become a serious issue among some of our schools and the people teaching these courses are welcomed in with open arms and students are encouraged to attend. How this has managed to get this far is sad and dangerous. Unfortunately the ‘roaring lion’ has found sympathizers within the ranks that have been willing to be his pawns and have become wolves in sheeps clothing not sparing the flock. This MUST be exposed immediately to warn those unaware of the devil’s hand in this, and give those already exposed to it the opportunity to see where pursuing this will ultimately lead them and I’m sure there are many who will flee from this once they learn the truth! We have in the foundation of our movement everything we could possibly need in all of Ellen Whites exposures of all the many forms of deception that will/are creeping in, that if only members would read all this counsel on their own, after the Bible and with a firm solid understanding in it’s truths of course, all the efforts in this little time left before Jesus’ coming could be used to spread the gospel and finish the work. May this message of your broadcast be spread to all the members in time and with hearts fully open to God they will cling to Him, flee from the devil and his deceptions and share this message with everyone they can so we can all go ‘home’ is my prayer! Lily

    • Patsie J.Sax RN,BSN

      Lily, I am so glad you made the the corner of our beliefs grounded in The Holy Bible, and the inspiration given to our forefathers of the faith to mention one Sister Ellen G. White. We as Seventh-day Adventists have no time to lose. We need to keep on track and be about our Father’s business, to spread the wonderful three angels’ messages. May God bless these dear leaders as they debate this very important subject. Thank you all.

  23. Malkiah Perus

    The idea of “spiritual formation” is a catholic concept and the practice is questionable? Something for prayerful consideration.

  24. Fred Pomrenk

    Thank-you Jim and C.A. for bringing this to light and for giving us notice of the program well in advance. Spiritual formation and contemplative prayer are insidiously infiltrating God’s remnant church and even peole who should know better have been deceived by it. The enemy is working hard but thank God that He is all powerful and has given leaders wisdom to discern and stand against the devil’s onslaught. And thank God for 3ABN. God bless you all.
    Yours in Christ,
    Fred Pomrenk

  25. Shelley Senner

    Please show this program several times as I believe this will be a sound scriptural presentation against the subject..

  26. Robin Schwebs

    I praise God that this discussion will take place. Our Pastors and Elders who are dabbling in this “Spiritual Formation,” need to be shown that this “false religion” is not Biblical. We need to pray for these people who are our friends and acquaintances.
    “Spiritual Formation is a Satanic system that leads the follower into Pantheism.

  27. winn

    yes, I am so glad for the information I have received from you. I will remember this time and days. Thank you so much. May God richly bless you all of you.

  28. Robert B Bairagee

    Praise the Lord for 3ABN broadcasting special program on “Spiritual Reformation and Contemplative Prayer” and world church leaders of Adventists are participating. We pray and hope people around the world will blessed by this program.

  29. Dianne

    Thanks for the invitation. Will definitely watching as I was only recently made aware of this insidious and dangerous teaching that has been invading our churches and schools. We are really living and dwelling in grand and awful times, where it is possible that the very elect will be deceive. Let us stand firm on the foundations of our faith and keep our eyes fixed on our beautiful and wonderful Jesus by whose righteousness alone we can stand. God bless as I will be praying that the power of the Holy Ghost will direct the proceedings.

  30. Lisette Morgan SA/Canada

    Wonderful to see that this will take place, it means our leadership is on the forefront in warning the congregation.

    Maybe it be a wondefully informative blessing

  31. Bryan Myles

    I have one question. Will this program promote Spiritual Formation or will it show the many errors and dangers of it? It is very scary how many of our Seventh-day Adventist and Christian universities now require the students to take a class in Spiritual Formation in order to graduate.

  32. Sophie

    I am a bit in the dark about this. Would someone please explain what Spiritual Formation and Contemplative Prayer is? Obviously this is a hot topic, and either I have just been sitting under a mushroom, or it hasn’t reached Australia yet. Some background information will be greatly appreciated. Oops – nearly forgot, what time will this broadcast be showing in NSW Australia? Many thanks.

    • Susan

      Dear Sophie,
      I also am from Australia (Queensland) and there are many of us here who are aware (and concerned) of the dangers of Spiritual Formation and Contemplative Prayer. If you want background on these topics I would recomend the book by Rick Howard entitled, “The Omega Rebellion.” It is available from Steps to Life in Victoria and also from our Adventist Book Centers. The broadcast will be shown on 3ABN in Queensland today (Friday 10th) at 11am till 1pm, and repeated today at 4pm to 6pm, I think it would be the same time in NSW. May God open your eyes to this deception. God Bless.

  33. Ivan Dassenko

    We have been very concerned that the subjects are being used in our church programming, and by some of the ministers in their sermons. We understand that these are being used in some of our universities. Scripture defines our beliefs and how we approach these subjects. We feel that this is creeping into the scriptual interpretations.
    Let us study ourselves so that we can discern the truth, according to Scripture.

  34. priccela sougian

    Will I be able to view it in the 3abn program if I miss the live one?

  35. Dan

    Just wishing that Rick Howard might be among the guests in the discussion regarding Spiritual Formation, or that you would have him on a program in the future to discuss those issues. (He is the author of “The Omega Rebellion—What every Adventist Needs to Know…Now) I’m glad you are addressing these issues.

  36. Heening & Susanne Schritt

    Thank you very much for e-mailing us if something important is due! May our Father in Heaven continue to bless your lives and ministry. Thank you for helping us to be ready to meet Jesus and for inspiring us to help others to be ready, too. We love you dearly.

  37. Rob & Barb

    So looking forward to hearing our Pastor Ted, this Thursday your time. We just love him and know that God has placed where he is. God bless and keep you close to Him. Thank you so much for this program. All our love from Australia.

  38. Franci Smith

    Dear 3ABN and President Wilson, it is brave to stand for truth when error seems so often pleasing. My friend Laurel told me years ago when discussing another confusion, “It sounds so pleasing, but there is no safety in it!” That concept has kept me close to Jesus Christ and His Word and the Spirit of Prophecy for ascertaining truth.
    I pray for all of you and the discussion on Spiritual Formation and Contemplative Prayer on August 9th for 2 hours in the evening. God will bless your efforts for many seek to know the right.

  39. Harriette Belter

    I will be watching, provided that I can get it on my TV. I miss a lot of your programs because I have to switch to the old way, since we don’t have satellite, but I will be axious to try to see it. That is for sure. This world needs a lot of prayer! And shaking up a little. Wonderful that you are airing this for as many as can see it, if I won’t be able to myself. Again! I hope and pray I can see it, too. I know it will be a blessing to many!

  40. Patsie J.Sax RN,BSN

    This is good news to know that our dear leaders are aware of this false information that is creepng into our Seventh-day Adventist churches. Like Ellen White writes, the Bible is our teacher…because it it God’s Word….that is why all her writings are from the Good Book. I will be praying for you all as you address this subject that is cretical to our salvation. We need to keep our eyes on The Mighty Jesus, He is our High Priest!

  41. Betty Sue Keller

    Thank you, 3ABN, for your strong biblical approach to all topics relevant to these times in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Our prayers will be espically with you and the speakers on this important discussion.

  42. Ron Sagmuller

    I would really like to see the likes of Doug Bachelor, and/or Stephen Bohr included on your panel of guests!

  43. Fay Brown

    Ellen G. White states that in the last days spiritulism will be rampant. I am so thankfull to 3ABN for addressing this critical issue that is disguised to disarm the Lord’s people. Thank you 3ABN.

  44. Gin

    I pray that this will be an opportunity for repentance for the global church, and that the pillars of our faith will be lifted up and God’s Present Truth will be lifted up for all to hear. It has been approximately 7+ years that we’ve watched this falsehood permeate our beloved churches. Praise God …Let the truth prevail!

  45. Sandra

    Definetely, this is such an important topic that it should be translated to Spanish and shown in the 3ABN Latino Channel. I really appreciate your time and effort. May the Lord bless your ministry. Greetings from Colombia, South America.

  46. Ron Dahlke

    Praise God that the two most important subjects now openly confronting the Church are now to be openly discussed. As we study the law of God (Torah, with the statutes and judgments; the entire moral law supporting the Ten Commandments), it becomes clear that the Holy Spirit comes to us through study of the Bible, and how it points out our weaknesses and then shows us through belief in Jesus and His Plan of Salvation, the way to freedom from sinning. That leaves me feeling humble, and in need of the Messiah.

  47. I. Merlos

    Please have this program translated to Spanish. God bless you all!

  48. Marlene Warren

    I hope this is recorded and made available to every church in the world so that if they cannot get 3ABN, they can play it in their churches on DVD or CD.

  49. Sihlobosenkosi Mpofu

    It has been long that the church seemed to be drifting away from the pillars of our faith established by those that spent sleepless nights praying for light. Ellen White is qouted in the book Testimonies to Ministers as saying the Church shall appear as if it is about to fall, but God is the real Leader of His Church. The Church shall triumph no matter what. Thank you 3ABN, and may God give you more courage and wisdom to stick to the Bible and the Bible alone.

  50. Dusty

    Can they also touch base on Theophostic Prayer. A leader in our church has been pushing this new style.

  51. Elizabeth

    I pray that you are going to talk about the dangers of such teachings. This is clearly Satan’s counterfeit for the real indwelling of God’s Holy Spirit. I will be watching and praying for us all!

  52. Bradley Bradford

    Thank you for bringing these issues before the people. Most Seventh-day Adventists are not aware of the deceptions that permeate some of our churches and institutions. But God has His watchmen on the wall, and we must be deligent in our relationship with our Lord and take Matthew 24 to heart. God bless 3ABN.

  53. Lay-Pastor John Hersom

    Dear 3abn,
    The program was a good first start. But they need to go deeper. Those inside the church who are into Spiritual Formation will not heed this discussion. Also why are we so afraid to identify the true source of our problems in the church?

  54. Donna M

    I just finished watching the discussion. Excellent broadcast. This needs to be rebroadcast by 3ABN every week from now until Jesus comes. Every one should see this. Great job, 3ABN!

  55. Brian Wilson

    Many of us missed the live broadcast. Is there a link where we can download it?

  56. Scott (Australia)

    Thank you 3ABN and distinguished guests for providing such a clear voice on this subject. We so desire to be a more vibrant and Spirit-filled church, but we invite into our midst a trojan horse full of deceptive peril if we depart from following the clear Word of God. In these last days the Scriptures must be recognized for what they are… our only safeguard. In it’s proper context…”All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.” 2 Tim 3:16,17 … Amen Praise God!

  57. Trish Drake

    I was not able to watch the program and would be very interested in a rebroadcast or better yet, a DVD.

  58. Cheryel

    I have friends who are up in arms about Spiritual Formation and Contemplative Prayer. I do not know what they are. If anyone in my church practiced any of these things I would not know it. Someone please give a clear concise specific description of the methods and practices so that they can be identified. I know our church “flowered” the cross on Easter two years ago. I was appalled. I knew that it was a practice that seemed a lot like what happened in Japan when I was there years ago. I read up on it and discovered that it comes from Mexico and the day of the dead, the people would place a flowered cross at their doorway to invite the spirits of their departed relatives in. The Catholic church also began to practice that calling it the cross of Jesus. Everyone in the church was asked to go forward with a flower and “flower” the cross. It is the way the heathen worship. It is not the way we develop a living relationship with God or anyone living. I made a brief comment about this practice and why I did not participate in it on Facebook. This year we did not have that ceremony or any “strange” ceremonies for Easter. So what is Spiritual Formation? What is Contemplative Prayer? I have heard it is prayer that encourages a trance.