3ABN Announces New Vacation Bible School in July

[Note: Below is a short announcement about 3ABN VBS. For more information about 3ABN’s Vacation Bible School, please see the 3ABN VBS website.]

A brand new Vacation Bible School will air this summer on 3ABN! The programs will air live, Monday through Friday (July 16–20, 2012), from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. CDT (UTC-5).

Adventures With Paul is organized by the Micheff Sisters: Kids’ Time producer/host, Brenda Walsh; and Tiny Tots for Jesus producer/hosts, “Miss Cinda” Sanner and “Aunty Linda” Johnson, and is squarly based on the Bible, making it appropriate for churches of any denomination.

“My sisters and I remember how much fun Vacation Bible School used to be,” Brenda says. “As kids, we’d get all excited—and we’d bring our neighborhood friends with us, too. But it seems like VBS has gotten pretty heavy on cartoon characters, and a little light on Jesus, so we’re happy to be working with 3ABN on this brand new program.”

“We’ve made it easy for your church to provide an attractive and trustworthy Bible-based program for kids of all ages—from toddlers to pre-teens,” adds Cinda. “We’ll have singing, Bible stories focused on the fascinating life of the Apostle Paul, and nature nuggets that will captivate every kid! And if that’s not enough, we’ll also have lots of crafts you can download!”

“We’ll have some of our Tiny Tot friends with us such as Farmer Mannie, and Miss Jeannie,” adds Linda. “And, of course, we’ll have our Kids’ Time Pastor John (Lomacang), and Nature Time’s Ranger Dwight (Hall) with us, so the kids will see many familiar characters from both programs.”

For those who would like to participate (both through their church, or also at home), 3ABN has prepared a director’s guide, available soon in printed and downloadable PDF versions.

The VBS kits will contain all the materials to produce a successful Vacation Bible School. Check back soon for pricing and ordering information on our website, vbs.3abn.org.

“This will be an annual event,” Brenda adds, “so churches can plan ahead for next year. The whole series will be available on DVDs soon after the original broadcast is finished.”

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4 Responses to “3ABN Announces New Vacation Bible School in July”

  1. Mollie Pemberton

    Hi Mollie,
    I just heard them telling about this on 2ABN this morning and thought that it might be something that Charlotte Church could use for VBS this summer.


  2. Sue Terry

    I saw this the other night, I think it will be wonderful for small churches that can not have the personel to run a VBS. I am also thinking about having it at my home., even though I am disabled and 60. I used to run VBS but was unable to recently. It is true evanglism.

  3. Nombulelo Mawuli

    I just want to thank God for 3abn that lives of the children around the world could be reached. God bless the ministry.

  4. ruth selby

    Looking forward to utilizing this program in my church for vbs this summer.Please let me know the cost and all the other dynamics so that I can present this to the church board in a timely fashion .Thank you and God bless your ministry.