3ABN Announces New App for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad Devices

We are happy to announce a free application available from the App Store℠ for watching and listening to all of 3ABN’s television and radio streaming feeds on Apple devices, including iPhone® (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and optimized for iPhone 5), iPod touch® (3rd and 4th generation), and iPad®.

3ABN president Jim Gilley is enthusiastic. “I don’t believe we’ve had anything happen at 3ABN in recent years that has caused more excitement than the new 3ABN iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad app!” he says. “It is so easy to operate, and large numbers of people are contacting us to tell us how much they appreciate being able to watch or listen to our radio and television networks any time, and anywhere they happen to be. We’re excited by the potential to reach many more people with these important truths for the times we live in!”

An Unexpected Blessing

“We’ve received many requests for this application,” says Moses Primo, 3ABN’s director of Broadcasting and Engineering, “but initially we concentrated on launching a new streaming service for those who watch on computers all over the world.

“In our search for an app developer, we received many proposals, but they were all too expensive. Then one day I was speaking with a 3ABN Latino employee who reminded me of a young man who had volunteered here last year, whose brother writes apps for Apple products.

“I called Michael Ortiz, the CEO and Founder of EmpoweredDesignApps in Puerto Rico, and he told me he’d be happy to develop the app for us. But when I asked him how much it might cost, he answered, ‘Moses, I love 3ABN. I’d love to do this for you, but I won’t accept any payment.’

“We are very grateful for Michael’s generous gift of his time and talents to this ministry,” Moses continues. “We believe this application will make a difference to many souls who still don’t know Jesus as their personal Savior, and we’re looking forward to hearing how 3ABN has blessed them and introduced them to Jesus Christ.”

All Our Networks—On One App

The 3ABN app features live streams for:

  • 3ABN
  • 3ABN Latino
  • 3ABN Proclaim!
  • 3ABN Dare to Dream Network
  • 3ABN SonBeam Channel
  • 3ABN Russia
  • 3ABN Radio
  • 3ABN Latino Radio
  • 3ABN Russia Radio

In addition, you’ll find buttons for program schedules, our 3ABN news feed, and a contact link for support, free offers, and all the other features of 3ABN’s full website. Use of the app requires a cellular or Wi-Fi connection (data rates may apply).

This streaming service of 3ABN’s networks is provided free of charge through the generous financial support of 3ABN’s viewers and listeners, and we’re excited to reach millions more with the undiluted three angels’ messages of Revelation 14!

Click here to download the 3ABN app from the App Store.

Don’t use an Apple device? 3ABN’s app for Android™ is available on the Google Play™ Store℠. See related story here.

Apple, the Apple logo, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

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13 Responses to “3ABN Announces New App for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad Devices”

  1. Darryl Bishop

    I saw notices in twitter about the 3abn app. I went home and downloaded it on my Ipad. The app migrated over to my Iphone. At first only audio would come thru. Now I am getting audio and video. I just watched a snippet of David Asscherick lecturing on Proclaim.
    Bottom line: nice app, very nice. Potentially one of the best apps I've come across.

    Thank you.

    D Bishop NW Houston

    • Michael Prewitt

      Yes, we are already working with another developer on an Android version.

  2. Darryl

    Amazing! I'm sitting here listening and watching 3abn
    In my vehicle, at lunch. The is the best app I've ever had.
    And you say someone created and developed it for free?


    I am so excited about the programmes of 3ABN. Most imprtantly, as an Adventist, I am proud to tell you guys in USA that you have qualtity programmes. Right now I am in the office about to leave because of the observance of the Friday program. I am very happy. God bless you all. Keep it up.

  4. Vaughn

    Wonderful. I have it now on my iPad. The quality is fantastic.
    However, I pray that the Lord will guide you into developing the app for Google (Android devices), because I also have an Android phone. God Bless

  5. Paula

    I am so happy that I can get 3ABN on my phone since we are not able to get it on our TV at home.

    • Michael Prewitt

      Soon, we hope. We cannot provide a timeline, but we will announce when it is ready.

  6. Julie

    Thank you 3 ABN,,,I can't wait to watch your programs in my computer Toshiba,,and my mobil Android HTC,,Still waiting,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    God bless