3ABN Latino Begins Airing In Nine Major Cities

Through divine Providence, nine new affiliate television stations began broadcasting 3ABN Latino programming to a potential audience of over 15 million viewers living in San Francisco, California; San Antonio, Texas, and seven other large cities in those states.

“This is a major breakthrough for 3ABN Latino,” exclaims 3ABN president, Jim Gilley. “There is no doubt that God has led in this, since there are large Hispanic populations in each of these cities.”

3ABN Latino general manager, John Dinzey, agrees. “We did not imagine we’d reach such big cities so soon,” he says, “but God opens doors when He knows it’s best. We trust that it’s time for these cities to receive the message of salvation on 3ABN Latino, and we’re thrilled and amazed as we see God working behind the scenes to accomplish things beyond our greatest hopes!”

Major Cities

The new stations will broadcast 3ABN Latino in the following cities:

San Francisco, CA – Channel 40 (digital)

San Antonio, TX – Channel 44 (analog)

Salinas/Monterey, CA – Channel 39 (digital)

Sacramento, CA – Channel 15 (analog)

Austin, TX – Channel 32 (analog)

Stockton, CA – Channel 28 (digital)

Fresno, CA – Channel 22 (digital)

Santa Maria, CA – Channel 29 (digital)

San Louis Obispo, CA – Channel 41 (digital)

NOTE: To receive these stations, some viewers may need to rescan their available channels.


3ABN’s Free Programming

“3ABN’s policy of providing programming free-of-charge is attractive to companies who are looking for something to put on the air,” 3ABN engineer Dan Peek explains. “I met Warren Reeves several years ago on a mountain top in Salinas, California, and we’ve stayed in touch, mostly by each other’s postings on a very active Low Power TV e-mail news group. He’s been in the broadcast engineering field for a long time and travels the country, much as I do.

“Warren knows we don’t do heavy on-air fundraising, and that our programs can help meet a TV stations’ requriements for children’s programming. So when CNZ Communications, Inc. purchased these stations, he suggested they use 3ABN Latino until they found a paying source of programming.

God has a plan here,” he adds, “I can hardly wait to see where this story takes us next!”

3ABN’s director of broadcasting and engineering, Moses Primo, agrees. “We praise God for every outlet we have,” he says, “and we’re always happy to bring the gospel to an ever-wider audience. God is using every method to reach as many people as possible with the message of salvation through Jesus Christ!”

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