Coverage Map

Each of the colored regions on the map represents a satellite coverage area. Each of these satellites carries one or more 3ABN channels. Some of the satellites carry all of 3ABN’s broadcast channels, others carry less. See our satellite parameters page for a list of the 3ABN channels available from each satellite.


North and Central America
North America
DISH Network
United States
Americas, Europe
IS-20 (KU band)
Europe, Central and Southern Africa
IS-20 (C band)
Africa, Asia, Middle East, South Pacific
Optus D2
Australia, New Zealand
Yamal 300K
Former Soviet Union


North America Viewers

Please see our satellite systems information page for an overview of how to get 3ABN in North America.

International Viewers

See our satellite parameters page for basic receiver settings and a list of the 3ABN channels available from each satellite. Please note that technical support for people who build their own system is very limited; most likely we will not be able to give you detailed, step-by-step instructions for how to program or reprogram your receiver. We can provide the basic parameter settings; however, because the setup procedure is different for each system on the market, we cannot provide step-by-step instructions for all of them. A professional dish installer in your area should be able to help you.

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