Program Descriptions

3ABN Homecoming

Enjoy all the sermons, music and praise reports from 3ABN fall camp meeting. It’s truly a family reunion you’ll remember for years to come!

3ABN On the Road

3ABN cameras take you out of the studio and on the road to many exciting events across the country. Enjoy beautiful music, inspired preaching, and Christian teaching in this variety series.

3ABN Today

Join 3ABN president Danny Shelton and others as they host 3ABN’s flagship program. You’ll enjoy inspirational interviews, discover new ministries, acquire important health information, and enjoy the finest vegan vegetarian cuisine.


Join 3ABN president Danny Shelton, and other hosts for this weekly two-hour live edition of 3ABN’s flagship program. In addition to the inspiring testimonies and music, viewers can all in with comments and for free offers. Our once a month “Behind the Scenes at 3ABN” program brings you updates on 3ABN’s networks and projects.

Abortion Controversy, The

Meet a woman who suffered through the guilt and pain of multiple abortions, and another who was nearly aborted, herself. Both found healing through Jesus Christ and now minister compassionately to other women. Hosted by Steve Wohlberg.

Abundant Living

Curtis and Paula Eakins co-host this popular program featuring health news, inspirational themes, and delicious vegan vegetarian cooking. Their engaging humor and fun-loving spirit make this series a favorite!

Action 4 Life

Wellness educator Casio Jones hosts this unique blend of wellness education, personal testimonies, and exercises in this program that will give you options and choices to keep the body God gave you in motion!

Adventures in Missions

If you love mission stories, you’ll love this series, hosted by Julie Saunders-Keymer  from Gospel Outreach. You’ll be blessed by the stories of miracles and changed lives resulting from dedicated mission work!

Amazing Facts Presents

Explore the Bible like never before, and get practical guidance into Christian living and Bible prophecy! This flagship program features the very best of Doug Batchelor and Amazing Facts programs.

Anchor School of Theology: Prophetic Principles

Strengthen your understanding of the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s beliefs as you join this in-depth study class with Stephen Bohr and other guest theologians. You will learn how to share your faith and hope in a new way.

Anchors of Truth

In this world of uncertainty, we need solid anchor points that will weather any storm. Discover how to anchor your faith to God’s unfailing truths through this powerful series!

ASAP Ministries

ASAP Ministries is dedicated to spreading the gospel in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, and among resettled Southeast Asians in North America by caring for urgent physical needs and introducing them to their loving Savior.

ASI Convention

You’re sure to feel the Holy Spirit’s call to do more for your Savior as you hear the fascinating reports of those who love to share Christ in the Marketplace.

ASI Video Magazine

Discover the ways in which the dedicated members of the Adventist-laymen Services and Industries (ASI) organization share Christ in the marketplace in this fascinating series.

Back to Our Roots

If you have trouble grasping the Jewish culture and all its complexity, you’ll be delighted with the insights into Hebrew thinking on Back to Our Roots! Discover how understanding Hebraic mentality can definitely help you in your daily Bible study.

Battles of Faith

Discover the real battle raging for the hearts and minds of men, as the curtains are pulled back revealing the true players. It’s the battle between good and evil—between God and Satan, and the stakes are high!

Behold the Lamb Presents

Kenny Shelton addresses our individual and corporate needs in our preparation for the Kingdom of Heaven. This program also features spiritually uplifting music from 3ABN’s Worship Center and is hosted by Chris Shelton.

 Body and Spirit

Viewers of any age and physical abilities will enjoy this program of simple exercises that don’t require expensive equipment, but still produce excellent results.

Body and Spirit Aerobics

An aerobic exercise version of 3ABN’s popular exercise program, hosted by Dick Nunez.

Books of the Book

This series is the answer to those who want to mine the hidden treasures of God’s Word! Each host takes you through the chapters, verse by verse, unearthing gems of truth, and bringing it all into perspective.

Breath of Life

Dr. Carlton Byrd, speaker-director for Breath of Life Ministries, presents the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ to all people groups from a contemporary, urban perspective.

Carter Report, The

International evangelist John Carter shares timely and inspiring messages, along with frequent reports from his evangelistic campaigns in the former Soviet Union countries.

Celebrating Life in Recovery

This series, hosted by Cheri Peters, is about recovery—but not just from drugs and alcohol! It’s about recovery from whatever people are hurting from. Cheri’s special abilities to interview her guests on difficult topics, as well as candidly sharing her own experiences, have made this perhaps one of our most closely followed programs!

Contending For the Faith

Explore faith and science with Cliff Goldstein in this dynamic series that shows viewers the reasons we hold the beliefs we do. This program is especially helpful to those who want to reach a relative, neighbor, or friend who may not believe in the Bible, or even in God. Using history, science, philosophy, and nature, Cliff reaches viewers where the are.


Discover the delicious flavors and easy cooking style of New Zealand’s Revive Café with Chef Jeremy Dixon, and learn how to produce a range of meals for your family. Learn how to cook four or five dishes from scratch using plant-based whole foods, and have them ready to serve in just 30 minutes!

Descendants of Abraham

Drawing from her personal knowledge of Islam, Shakeela Yasuf presents the gospel of Jesus Christ in an appealing way to all the descendants of the great patriarch.

Digging Up the Past

Archeologist David Down hosts this fascinating Australian series that brings the ancient societies and cultures of the Holy Land to life.

Eleventh Hour Evidence

Designed to appeal to earnest Bible believers and skeptics alike, this series by David Asscherick offers historical and scientific facts that prove the Bible’s accuracy.

Exalting His Word

Shelley Quinn shares the love of God and teaches the amazing transforming power of God’s word through life affirmations from Scripture.

Focus On God’s Word

Produced by 3ABN Australia, this series with Geoff Yulden and Charissa Fong explores a variety of topics, from “How to Study and Understand the Bible” to “Where is Jesus When it Hurts?” You’re sure to enjoy this series.

Free Indeed

Shot entirely on location, Free Indeed gives prisoners a chance to tell how they came to Jesus—in prison, and in their words. Hosted by C. A. Murray, this program will move you to tears, inspire you, and amaze you at the depth of God’s grace and mercy!

Generation of Youth for Christ 2013

Join the thousands of young people who gathered in Orlando, Florida, for this intense five-day study of God’s Word! Don’t miss a single moment of Generation of Youth for Christ 2013—Before Men and Angels!

Give Me the Bible

Kenneth Cox takes an in-depth look at the most important truths of the Bible. With topics including: “Salvation,” “Life in the Son,” “The Judgment,” and “The Second Coming,” This year-long series will bring you closer to Jesus Christ.

Global Mission Snapshots

See what’s happening on the frontlines of mission by joining Adventist Mission staff and friends as they share inspiring mission stories and images from around the world. From rural villages to major cities, Global Mission highlights people who are reaching the unreached with hope.

Grace Pipeline, The

Based on Shelley Quinn’s book by the same title, this program offers an exciting journey through Scripture that will deepen your understanding of God’s plan of salvation and help you develop your full potential, by God’s power, for righteous living through the outpouring of His grace.

Grandma’s House

When you visit Grandma’s House, you’re going to have fun! Shot entirely on location in Chehalis, Washington, Grandma Joyce Neal teaches life lessons and, most importantly, introduces children to Jesus!

Health for a Lifetime

Don Mackintosh hosts an in-depth look at health issues, featuring professionals who emphasize natural and preventative medicine.


Real stories of real pain. Real battles—and real victories. With candor and sensitivity, Jill Morikone invites you to address some of the difficult issues and emotions that all women face. Forgiveness, fear, lust, and shame. You don’t have to struggle in the mist. Your Father wants you to break free!

Heaven’s Point of View

Two series of Heaven’s Point of View air each week on 3ABN.

In the first series, Frank Fournier presents “The Gospel in the Parable of the Prodigal Son,” drawing pertinent lessons from this important story, and studying how each of us can relate to it today.

In the second series, Hal Steenson examines the truth and errors of all nine “Charisma” gifts given by the Holy Spirit, and helps us discover how to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Help in Daily Living

You’ll enjoy the Fountainview Academy students and musicians as they share their personal accounts of how the gospel has been made real in their own lives and sing God’s praises on the lush beaches and gardens on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.

 His Words Are Life

Kelly Mowrer brings you the life-giving power of God’s Word as she reads the Scriptures. Many have found the comfort and peace of hearing God’s Word read aloud.

Hope in Motion

You’ll be inspired by the success stories in this series, as you see how Asian Aid provides education and vocational training to over 6,000 children through sponsorship programs in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. They also provide assistance to leper colonies, orphans, blind and deaf schools, communities in need of clean water, Nepali women affected by uterine prolapses, destitute widows, and some of the most impoverished of God’s children.

House Calls

John Lomacang and John Stanton take your biblical questions and answer them from God’s Word. This program is a favorite for many viewers. Tune in and see why!

In the Beginning

A geology major turned theology major, Dr. Stan Hudson combines scripture and science to provide compelling information to strengthen faith in the Biblical account of creation.

In the Footsteps of Paul

Tony Moore takes you to Tarsus, Jerusalem, Damascus, Antioch, Athens, and Rome, giving fresh meaning to Paul’s teachings and helping you apply them to your life.

Inspirational Hour

This series features worship services from a wide variety of locations. With different pastors and different worship styles, this series has something for everyone.

Issues and Answers

Shelley Quinn interviews fascinating guests who share personal testimonies and biblical principles that bring solutions to life’s problems.

It Is Written

Shawn Boonstra takes timeless truths and applies them to everyday life in this, one of the longest-running Christian television programs in the world. People of all faiths and creeds—even those with no faith at all—have been inspired and encouraged through It Is Written’s straightforward and uplifting presentations.

It Is Written Canada

Hosted by Bill Santos, this weekly program regularly deal with such issues as loneliness, fear, low self-esteem, health, family values and spiritual principles. People of all faiths and creeds—even those with no faith at all—have been inspired and encouraged through these straightforward, Christ-centered presentations.

Keepers of the Flame

Dr. Allen Lindsay takes you to locations in Europe, North America, and Australia as he retells the great stories of controversy and faith that led to the emergence of the Seventh-day Adventist church. Dramatic re-enactments capture the defining events in the lives of the great reformers, and how the light of truth has shone through time and is pointing to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Kids Time

Brenda Walsh produces and hosts this popular series with Bible story re-enactments, music, nature segments and much more.

Kids Time Praise

This program features music and singing by familiar members of the Kids Time family. Join in as they sing praises to Jesus!

Laymen Ministries

Jeff Reich, Director of Laymen Ministries hosts this fast-paced program that takes you to their various projects around the world. With touching mission stories, and interviews with missionaries, this program will inspire you to do more for the Master!

Let’s Cook Together

Discover many easy-to-make and scrumptious vegetarian recipes with instructors who make healthy food preparation fun!

Liberty Insider

This dynamic panel discussion with Liberty Magazine editor, Lincoln Steed, provides in-depth dialogue with other experts on current events and how they may affect your religious freedom.

Life Discovery

Join Jim Reinking for a series that focuses on a living relationship with Jesus Christ. If you are interested in learning and growing through a fresh understanding of the Scriptures, then this series is for you!

Making Waves

Meet people who live in exotic locations, learn of the gods they worship, and witness the changed lives through the power of radio in Adventist World Radio’s television series.

Maranatha Mission Stories

Come along with Maranatha volunteers as they build churches, schools, and other community services around the world. Volunteers of all ages find purpose and meaning while serving in foreign countries and right here at home.

Melody from My Heart

Take a break from life’s cares with this inspirational music program featuring members of 3ABN’s musical family.

New Perceptions

You’re sure to enjoy the dynamic preaching of Dwight Nelson in this weekly broadcast of the collegiate church service from Pioneer Memorial Church in Berrien Springs, Michigan.


Ron Giannoni interviews former guests of the world-famous Newstart Lifestyle Program, discovering wellness secrets such as how to reverse diabetes, escape depression, and lower cholesterol along the way.

 Off the Grid

Mission work in remote areas is frequently and heavily dependant on the faithful operation of small airplanes. Now you can experience some of the challengeds—and rewards—of working for Adventist World Aviation in this exciting program!

Origins: The First Week in Time

Terry McComb shares about what God created on each of the seven days of Creation using both a biblical and scientific perspective, ending each program with one of his famous chalk drawings. Jewish, Muslim, and Christian communities of faith will rejoice in this common ground series.


Kelly Mowrer hosts this musical half hour and includes insights on lives and trials of sacred music composers and songwriters.

Pressing In To His Presence

Shelley Quinn, shares how God restored her spiritual passion and redirected her life by guiding her into a unique prayer pattern—an approach to prayer that anyone can apply to their own life!

Remodeling Your Life—God’s Transforming Power

Does your life reflect the powerful changes every Christian can and should experience? Or do temptations beat you into submission, leaving you wondering if you’ve tried hard enough, or if God is holding up His end of the bargain? If there’s room for improvement, then join Jim Ayer on this life-changing series, and discover how you can be an overcomer!

Revelation Insights

Evangelist Lyle Albrecht brings insights from the book of Revelation in this acclaimed series—a favorite of history buffs!

Revelation Now

Jac Colón focuses on the last book of the Bible and presents a method that allows the Scriptures to interpret its own mysterious symbols. Discover for yourself the things that must soon take place. You can understand the Revelation!

Revelation of Hope

Taj Pacleb was just 16 years old when he was invited to attend an evangelistic series. One prayer changed his life and set him free from his destructive lifestyle. In its place, God gave him a new high that no drug could ever compare with: Knowing Jesus and making Him known to others! Today he is an evangelist, preaching the good news that sets the captives free!

Revelation of Jesus Christ

Join Pastor Kenneth Cox as he carefully examines the book of Revelation, chapter by chapter. Discover the blessings that God promises to give those who read, listen, and keep what is revealed in the pages of this important book!

Revelation of the Coming King

This fascinating, verse-by-verse study of the book of Revelation is a program you must not miss! In its pages you’ll discover our soon-coming Savior, along with God’s forecast of the final events of this earth! Hosted by Dr. Ranko Stefanovic, Professor of New Testament at Andrews University Theological Seminary.

Sabbath School Study Hour

Join Doug Batchelor of Amazing Facts for fresh and in-depth biblical insights into this weeks time for your weekly quarterly lessons!

Secrets Unsealed Presents

Stephen Bohr brings special insights on a variety of topics that seem confusing to many Christians. Avoid falling for error by following along in your Bible. Let God’s Word interpret itself.

Sharper Focus, A

Join 3ABN’s live midweek service as John Lomacang and other 3ABN presenters bring you this prayer meeting and Bible study program. Send in your prayer requests and feedback via Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail online at!

Special Feature

A variety of special features from 3ABN and other sources.

Steps to Christ in Song

Shot on location in some of the United States’ most scenic locations, the youth orchestra of Fountain View Academy in Lillooet, British Columbia, Canada, have produced an incredibly beautiful series of songs, testimonies and spiritual reflections on the great theme of salvation in Jesus Christ using the inspired words of the book, Steps to Christ.

Stones of Remembrance

Discover the compelling “back stories” that drive authors to share their experiences and insight in print. Karen Pearson and Pierre Quinn co-host this program that reveals how God is at work in the authors’ lives in ways that are often invisible—until they’re ultimately revealed for His glory!

Stop Smoking Clinic

Dr. Arthur Weaver offers advice on how to quit smoking in an easy-listening and light-hearted way. Follow his advice and smoking becomes a thing of the past.

Table Talk

Inspired by Martin Luther’s own table talks (and his book by the same name), this program features four friends in a lively, spontaneous, and Scripturally-saturated dialogue about “The Big Picture.” Join Ty Gibson, James Rafferty, David Asscherick and Jeffrey Rosario for meaningful conversation on the story of Redemption, the Great Controversy between Good and Evil, and the restoration of all things.

Thunder in the Holy Land

Explore the teachings of Jesus in this documentary-style video Bible study shot on location by young reporters. Charles Byrd hosts this exciting program.

 Tiny Tots for Jesus

The emphasis is on Jesus in this colorful children’s program hosted by Linda Johnson and Cinda Sanner. Designed especially for two to four-year-olds, the programs feature visits to the barn, adorable baby animals, and nature walks, along with songs and stories about Jesus.

Ultimate Prescription

The media, the government, and even doctors are not telling us the whole truth about health care. Dr. James Marcum showd how your relationship with your Creator can bring you ultimate healing!

Up Close

We went on location to find out what types of problems people encounter, and the personal testimonies and Christian experts will leave you convinced that no situation is too dark or hopeless for the Lord!

Walking With Jesus

Do you want a deeper understanding of God’s love and a closer walk with Jesus? Do you want to know God’s will for your life? Then this series, based on the book Steps to Christ is for you!

White Horse Media Presents

Steven Wohlberg presents a variety of programs on special topics of interest to those who live in these last days of earth’s history. Avoid the deceptions spoken of in the Bible, and discover the truth directly from God’s Word!

Wonderfully Made

Discover the latest health and lifestyle information on this long-running series hosted by a variety of health professionals.

Worship Hour

Enjoy Sabbath Worship with a variety of pastor and locations.