3ABN Radio Program Descriptions

3ABN Radio Program Descriptions

The following list is a description of our regularly scheduled programs:

3ABN On the Road

A variety of on-location events that will bring you sermons, musical events, meetings, etc.

3ABN Today

Hosted by various spiritual leaders, this is the flagship program of Three Angels Broadcasting Network. Guests come from all over the U.S. and other countries to share stories of how God has moved in their lives.

3ABN Today Live

Jim Gilley and other spiritual leaders at 3ABN host this weekly two-hour live version of 3ABN’s signature program which features call-in questions and comments and free special offers.

Abundant Living

This delightful series, hosted by Paula and Curtis Eakins, presents the best of vegetarian cuisine from around the world.

Between the Lines

Pastor Don Pate looks for Bible insights by going under the surface of the text using the tools of language, history, Judaism, and archeology, and discovers fresh new things about the Word of God.

Bible Answers

Evangelist Doug Batchelor presents Biblical answers to audience questions.

Bible Answers LIVE

In this series, Evangelist Doug Batchelor presents Biblical answers to live call-in questions.

Books of the Book

This program is an in-depth study of the individual books of the Bible. Many programs cover the major themes of a particular book, but Books of the Book walks the listener through each verse from beginning to end. The first series is hosted by Kevin Hart, from the 3ABN Pastoral Staff, and Thom Shepherd, who is a professor of New Testament interpretation.

Breath of Life

From various cities around the U.S. and abroad, Pastor Walter Pearson comes offers powerful sermons that will inspire you and move your heart.

By My Spirit

Ed Reid hosts this series of programs presenting a Bible study regarding the work of the Holy Spirit.

Central Study Hour

Bible lessons from Sacramento, California, with various teachers, including evangelist Doug Batchelor.

CHIP Health

The Coronary Health Improvement Project, also known as CHIP, presents practical ways of helping you to feel better, think clearer and enjoy a closer walk with God. Optimum health is possible at any age because we can all be healthy by choice and not by chance. The program is co-hosted by Charles Mills and Dr. Hans Diehl.

Christian Concerns

A continuing series featuring a variety of speakers who address issues and present matters of concern to all Christians.

Classic Radio Sermons

These sermons from the past will feature speakers who have provided audiences with a consistent, timely message for decades. The first speaker featured in the program will be Pastor Joe Crews, the founder and original voice of Amazing Facts. We’re sure you will be blessed by these sermons from the past. Some of you might even remember hearing them the first time.

Closer Look, A

Evangelists Ty Gibson and James Rafferty host this hour-long program, taking a closer look at the events in the Book of Revelation.

Counsel For The Heart

Junie Lawson hosts this program with timely advice on various issues in family life, such as divorce, blended families, parenting teens, communication, etc. She has been a full-time Bible Instructor for over 15 years, and has introduced hundreds to the life-changing truths of God’s Word.

Crossroads on 3ABN Radio

Various hosts from around the country discuss topics of Christian interest, including women’s issues, Bible doctrines, health, and societal challenges.

Discover Prophecy

Pastor David Asscherick leads us on a journey through the Bible, explaining prophecy and its fulfillment.

Dynamics in the Science of Prayer

So much is said today about the power of prayer. Tyrone Phillips shares how to enrich your prayer life in this in-depth series. You will be blessed by his insights concerning this very important aspect of your spiritual relationship with God.

Endtime Insights

Steve Wohlberg’s insightful 15-minute program separates fact from fiction concerning the Rapture, the Antichrist, Israel, the Second Coming, the millennium, and much more. This program is Christ-centered and full of hope.

Faith Chapel

A 30-minute program that features various guest hosts. They speak on a wide range of topics that help listeners take a closer look at many different issues that affect the Christian’s walk with the Lord.

Freedom’s Ring

Attorney and Pastor Alan Reinach presents current updates pertaining to religious liberty issues.

Generation Of Youth For Christ

Discover the excitement generated by the GYC Conference – taped live at various locations. These young people are on fire for Jesus!

Genesis to Revelation Seminar

Pastor George Knowles takes us through the books of the Bible with delightful insight, highlighting some of the wonderful stories in each book.

Growing in Grace

A series of 12-minute programs by Pastor Richard O’Ffill which uplift the Christian’s walk with Jesus.

Health for a Lifetime

This educational series is hosted by Don Mackintosh and features a variety of well-known physicians and health care professionals discussing many common, and some not so common, health problems, and answering frequently asked questions.

Health Headlines

Hosted by Dr. Bernell Baldwin. Take a closer look at the latest news in the world of medicine and healing. Learn more about what is impacting your health choices and decisions. Dr. Baldwin and his guests lead you to a deeper knowledge from a Christian perspective.

Heart Wise

Heart Wise, hosted by Dr. James Marcum, is a unique radio program in today’s rapidly changing health world. In this well-marketed world it is hard to know who or what to believe. Each week Heart Wise brings healers from across the globe to answer listener questions gathered from their website. The Bible is used as the source of truth and to give balance in this complex world.

Heaven’s Point of View

If you’ve ever wondered what your spiritual gift is, this program will help make that clear. Pastor Hal Steenson defines and clarifies each gift, tells us their proper use in today’s church, and gives examples of the ways they’re used.

Help Yourself to Health

Agath Thrash, M.D., covers subjects ranging from strengthening your immune system to grief recovery. Also presented are many home remedies.

His Words Are Life

Inspirational passages from the Bible read by Kelly Mowrer.

Homeschool of Health

In this series, a variety of preventive medicine specialists and physicians present the principles of healthful living.

House Calls

Pastor John Lomacang and Pastor John Stanton, as well as other pastoral leaders, take your Biblical questions and answer them from God’s Word. This program is a favorite for many listeners. Tune in and see why!

In Search of the Truth

Join Charles & Karen Byrd as they visit Bethlehem, Qumran, Gehenna, Egypt,and more importantly, God’s Word, as they search for relevant truth.

Issues & Answers

Various hosts interview Christians regarding issues in their lives and how God helped them find the answers.

It Is Written

This is a well-known religious telecast that has been on the air since 1956. Each week the current speaker, Pastor Shawn Boonstra, takes timeless truths and applies them to everyday life.

It’s Your Money

G. Edward Reid brings an end-time urgency to the way we handle money. Instead of worldly attitudes toward borrowing, planning for retirement, investing, and estate planning, the Bible makes 1,600 references to money and possessions and shows us a better way. Tithing, home purchase and ownership, debt elimination, retirement income, investments, and much more are addressed in this incredible series!

Kid’s Time

Thirty minutes of children’s music, Bible character enactments, Ranger Jim nature studies and sharing.

Left Behind, Fact of Fiction?

Pastor Mark Finley outlines the false teachings regarding the secret rapture and points us to what the Bible really says about the second coming of Jesus Christ. This 15-minute program provides insights into a controversial topic in society today.

Lift Him Up

An overview of the books Daniel and Revelation featuring James Rafferty and Ty Gibson.

Marriage In God’s Hands

A variety of marriage and family educators present Bible-based concepts which lead to a happy marriage and home life. Their candid approach and personal experience make this series a winner!

Melody From My Heart

This is a 15-minute program of inspirational music featuring members of the 3ABN family of musical artists.

More Abundant Life

Inspirational music and sermons by Pastor Wintley Phipps.

Musical Meditations

A two-hour program hosted by 3ABN air personality Jay Christian, featuring Christian favorites selected from hymns, gospel, country, and contemporary artists.

On Location

This program consists of evangelistic sermons from various locations. Currently airing is The Midnight Cry series presented by Pastor Kenneth Cox.

On the Road

A variety of on-location events that will bring you sermons, musical events, meetings, etc.

Revelation Insights

Evangelist Lyle Albrecht presents modern insights from the book of Revelation, with a special emphasis on history.

Stop Smoking Clinic

Dr. Arthur Weaver offers advice on how to quit smoking in an easy-listening and light-hearted way. Follow his advice and smoking becomes a thing of the past.

The Bible in Living Sound

Get your kids excited about the Bible! This series presents Bible stories from the Old Testament, the life and times of Jesus, as well as the apostle Paul’s life and travels from the New Testament. These spiritual stories, complete with music and sound effects, will captivate listeners of all ages.

The Prophecy Code

The purpose of this series is to share the peace and assurance that each believer can have in facing earth’s final days. Host, Pastor Doug Batchelor, will assure you that, though chaos may erupt all around, you can rest secure in the palm of God’s hand. You can experience the thrill of seeing the glorious future plainly revealed in ancient Bible prophecies!

The StoryHouse

Kids think any time is a good time for a story. Auntie Annie reads stories from an assortment of books; from old favorites to some new treasures.

The Voice of Prophecy

A 15-minute program with various hosts who discuss issues that affect today’s Christian audience in a down-to-earth way that listeners will find enjoyable and enlightening.

Thinking About Home

An ongoing series, presented by Kathy Mathews, which deals with family issues and the spiritual well-being of the family.

When God’s People Pray

Ruthie Jacobsen explores the power of prayer and introduces guests who share exciting insights and stories.

Women at the Well

This program examines the faith-filled lives of some amazing, but ordinary, women of the Bible through whom God has done incredible things. A lively discussion compares the lives of those women to the lives of women today.

Wonderfully Made

Top health professionals present fascinating health topics in this original series.

Worship Hour

Sermons by Pastor John Lomacang and visiting speakers recorded at the Thompsonville Adventist Church in Thompsonville, Illinois.

Your Family Health

Cheryl Swanson, L.C.S.W., hosts this informative program that focuses on family health issues such as anger, depression, stress, hyperactivity, grief, discipline in the home, and much more.

Your Health News

In this 12-minute program, Rise Rafferty presents ways in which we can improve our health, allowing us to feel better, think more clearly and live longer.

Your Story Hour

A dramatic presentation, aimed at children, using good morals and Biblical themes.