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Listen to 3ABN Radio on my cell phone? Are you serious?!

Yes, we are serious!  First, before we go into the details, we want to let you know that if you are experienced at live streaming on your cell phone and want to skip the instructions, you can go directly to our streaming link.  Please know that it doesn’t work for all cell phones but many cell phones can stream 3ABN Radio through at least one of our streams.  Right now if you have a mobile phone that can stream Windows Media, QuickTime, Real Audio, WinAmp or 3G (RTSP), and if you have the appropriate digital package from your cell provider, you can listen to us on your cell phone now.

Listeners have told us that the iPhone will stream 3ABN Radio when using the WinAmp player choice on our Mobile page.  Also the QuickTime, Real Audio and WinAmp players will stream our mp3 streams.  We also hear some Blackberrys can use one of our mp3 streams.  Our 3G stream uses RTSP technology and cell phones that use that protocol will be able to use that stream.

As a side note, our 3G feed is also a good stream for computer listeners to use when they are on the Internet via dial-up.  A QuickTime or RealPlayer will play our 3G stream.  The players are free and can be downloaded from their websites.  If you need to download one of the players a link to their websites can be found on our Listen page.

To access our special Mobile streaming page go to the upper left corner of most of our pages on our web site (including this one).  Just above our logo, you will see the word Mobile.  Select that and it will take you directly to the page where you can choose your mobile phone listening preference.

In the past if you weren’t fortunate enough to live in an area where we have an affiliate radio station, if you didn’t have access to our satellite feed, or weren’t near a computer where you could hear us online, you just couldn’t listen to 3ABN Radio.

Today, that has changed. Cell, or wireless, or mobile, technology is rapidly progressing to the point where, through broadband access, you can surf the internet on your cell phone. That means you can listen to us through your cell phone wherever cell phone broadband and/or 3G technology is available. And listen to this: you can also connect your cell phone to your vehicle radio and listen through its speakers!

This is wonderful news for truckers, RVers, travelers, as well as anyone who just wants to listen while they drive to work, the store, or even when at home. Below is more information and links to instructions and other pertinent information. Please read everything on this web site, and as much as you can elsewhere, before you contact your cell phone provider. That way you are as knowledgeable as possible.

Keep in mind that this is a living document. That means it will grow as we get more information and as situations change. We encourage you to check back often for updates that may help improve your ability to listen to us on your cell phone.

If you are knowledgeable about this trend and have ideas that are not included here, please email them to us using the appropriate link at the end of this article. We will post the most helpful suggestions so everyone can read them.

Here are the Basics
This is an emerging technology; there is a lot happening and a lot to learn. The information we have is for America, but much of it probably applies to many countries world-wide. If you live outside the U.S. please confirm everything you read here with your wireless carrier. This is the information we have at the moment and as we get more, we will update this site.

To be able to access the Internet with a cell phone you will need one that is designed for Internet access, have a plan with a cell phone service provider (for example, Verizon, AT&T, etc.), and have a special plan through your wireless provider giving you unlimited data or 3G access to the Internet. Keep in mind that the technologies and policies of each cell phone service provider may vary greatly.  Your best option is to talk to a sales representative from your mobile phone company and tell them what you want to do.  Let them give you all of the options.  Plus, let them know their phone must be able to stream 3ABN Radio.  Be specific because some mobile phone companies have a closed, or exclusive, system that will only stream their own technology.  If they don’t have the right technology to stream one of ours then you want to know that before you purchase the phone.

Unlimited data plans with most carriers can vary from $15 to $45 a month, in addition to the monthly charge you are already paying for cell phone service and talk time. These are estimates; check with your carrier for their prices and policies.

If you don’t have a current contract with a wireless provider, we suggest you contact as many as you can in your area and get their prices. If you travel you may consider one of the major carriers rather than a smaller local one; they may have a better national listening plan. We have found that the costs involved with getting on the Internet through cell phones vary greatly from carrier to carrier.

But here is an important warning: Not all carriers cover your area equally, so one of the things you must determine is who gives you the best cell coverage for where you are going to be listening.

One more important warning: Know your coverage area and what is considered to be roaming. Roaming charges (traveling into different cell companies’ territories) can get expensive. We don’t want you to get a costly surprise in your cell phone bill.

Remember, you can listen to us right now if you have a mobile phone that can receive our current Windows Media, QuickTime, Real Audio WinAmp or 3G (RTSP). audio streams.  Just choose Mobile above our logo in the upper left corner of most of our web pages and that will take you to our mobile phone streaming page.

One more suggestion.  If your mobile phone can connect to WIFI you may want to access us  using that instead of the data or 3G connections when a WIFI connection is available.
For further information about listening to us by cell phone, click here.