Kids Crafts – Happy Hollyhocks


Hey kids, here’s an easy craft that’s really fun! And if the weather is warm enough, why not plant some real hollyhocks in your garden? They’re beautiful!

What you Need

    • 1 styrofoam egg carton
    • scissors
    • 3 green pipe cleaners
    • paint
    • paint brush

      What you do

        1. Cut out the bottom of the egg carton cups, and shape them into “flowers.”
        2. Paint your “flowers” any color and let them dry. (Try adding polka dots, zigzags, or even stripes!)
        3. When the paint is dry, poke two holes in the bottom of each “flower.”
        4. Cut two of the green pipe cleaners into three pieces, each. You should have 6 total.
        5. Thread a piece of pipe cleaner through the bottom, and then attach the “flower” to the longer piece by twisting the shorter pieces around it. Make sure to stagger your “flowers,” so they cover the stalk. For variety, try making a flower stalk of several differently colored “flowers!”
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          1. Danielle

            keep doing this for the work of God continue to do it