Fruity Turkey

Wow! Here’s a great craft that you can eat. You can make one for each person at your Thanksgiving table—just think of it as a healthy dessert!

What you Need

  • An apple
  • A pear (yellow reddish or brown pears might look good, but any kind will do! A green turkey? Why not?)
  • A clementine or navel orange
  • a dried cranberry (for a gobble)
  • a couple of cloves (or small raisin pieces) for eyes
  • a dried apricot (for feet)
  • tiny dab of peanut butter (to keep things in place)
  • a whole cashew nut (or almond)

What you do

  1. Core apple and cut into thin slices (for the wing feathers)
  2. Cut pear in half and core (for the body)
  3. Peel clementine or navel orange and detach sections (for the wing feathers)
  4. Arrange apple and clementine (or orange) sections on a plate in a fan shape.
  5. Place the cored pear-half on top.
  6. Cut the dried apricot in half and cut wedges into it (these are your turkey claws)
  7. Tuck the “claws” under the pear
  8. Use very small dabs of peanut butter to attach the nut-beak, and the cranberry-gobble
  9. Push cloves into pear for eyes
  10. Enjoy!
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