Safely Sins

“But your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God, and your sins have hidden His face from you, so that He will not hear.” Isaiah 59:2 Amp

Husbands and their wives have different likes. Case in point: Karen and myself. When I sleep, I like lots of blankets on my side of the bed. Karen only wants one blanket above the top sheet. If we put several blankets on the bed, Karen rolls all except the one she needs on her side to the middle, which creates a large bundle in the middle. This takes up so much room Karen and I have to sleep on the outside edges of the bed.

Karen had this incredible idea! She took two top sheets, folded each in half then put one on each half of the bed. She then put a narrow blanket on her side and folded two wider blankets to put on my side of the bed. She had one layer of blanket and I had four. Problem solved. Well, not exactly. After a few nights I found my top blanket would slide more and more towards the edge each time I turned in the night and before morning it would be laying in the floor. Karen had another incredible idea! She used safety pins and pinned my blankets to the middle of the bed from top to bottom. Problem solved. Well, not exactly. I had a nice cocoon to snuggle into on my side but the safety pins had created an intimacy barrier between us. The pinned blankets stopped the blankets from sliding but I could no longer feel the warmth of Karen lying next to me.

Sin can cause an intimacy barrier between the Lord and us too. What we may consider to be insignificant sins or “safely sins” can mount up between the Lord and us to create an intimacy barrier just as effective as the safety pins did between Karen and me. We can also have “safely sins” create barriers between our spouse, relatives and friends. We may try to justify an angry outburst toward our spouse because we feel they started it. But a barrier begins to be built regardless of who started it. As adults, we may blame circumstances we live with on our parents or siblings, but an unforgiving heart still builds the barrier. Old hurts from our childhood, “safety pinned” together, stops us from feeling the warmth we should feel from those we share an intimate bond with. We may think listening to gossip about coworkers is innocent, but this “safely sin” begins to grow resentment in our minds so we lose the sympathetic heart we need when our coworkers and friends need encouragement from us. Skipping our time with the Lord one day may not seem at the time as causing a problem, but one day links with another and another then before we realize the magnitude of what has happened, the still small voice of God cannot be heard over the din of our hurried lives. An intimacy barrier has been created in our relationship with the Lord that will take time and effort to repair. Confession and repentance will have to take place. We will need to relearn to hear God when He speaks to us. Forgiveness of others that have hurt us in the past must commence as well as asking forgiveness of those we may have hurt.

The safety pins have disappeared from the middle of our bed. Karen and I now sleep with one slightly heavier blanket so both of us are comfortable. The safety pins were easy to remove but some of the “safely sins” that have created an intimacy barrier between the Lord and those we love may not be so easy to remove. An honest examination of our hearts and earnest prayer is needed to unpin the “safely sin” barrier. Forgiveness is a first step. Are you willing to continue to unpin the other “safely sins”?

Mitch Owen

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