The Baby Bird

Here is a living object lesson indeed! We rescued a baby bird one time and began feeding him. He was in our driveway and we would have run over him when we pulled out if I had not seen him. Initially, I caught him and put him in the bushes thinking he’d be safe there and mommy bird would care for him.

When we returned home, he was in the driveway again. We feared he would not live because he was in such bad shape, but we prayed for him (I suppose it could be a her, how would I know?) and fed him some berries and soaked dog food (that’s what one web site recommended), and then, the next morning, he was happy and singing and eating better. I thought to myself, “I think he’ll live and even prosper once he’s able to fly and eat on his own.” Then a couple hours later, noticing mom and dad hovering around with food in their beaks, I opened the door to the cage and went back inside.

A while later I went to check on him and he was on the ground. Some time after that, I went outside and mom and dad flew up to the tree and a moment later so did baby bird! Praise the Lord! God is good! His eye IS on the sparrow, and His eye is always on us. He cares for us much more than the sparrows. Matthew 10:31 says, “Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows.” Talk about unfathomable love! What a Lord and Savior we serve! May this be your source of consolation and encouragement today. God sees what you’re going through, He cares for you, He will bring you through it.

Samantha Nelson

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