Present Help in Time of Trouble

We live in a world that brings us challenges and difficulties. No one can escape it. But we can all make the best of it by realizing that, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1. It is marvelous and comforting to take hold of God’s promises.

God even uses His other children to bring us comfort and strength to face the challenges of life. I was reminded of this in a remarkable experience with my children Samuel and Caleb. During that time Samuel, the oldest, was nine years old and Caleb was six years old.

Kids really enjoy getting balloons, but, on this day they not only received one balloon each, they had received the helium-filled balloons. They seem to enjoy those even more. We arrived at our home with our two boys who were happy to have their helium-filled balloons on a beautiful summer day.

My wife and I exited the vehicle first. I had stopped to pick something up from the yard when I heard my wife say, “Well there it goes somebody’s balloon!” There it was, one yellow helium-filled balloon heading higher than any mortal man can reach. It was too late. I could not stop it. My little son Caleb cried in despair and grief, “my balloon!” He then began to weep. I felt so sorry for him and begin to wonder, what can I tell my son to help him during this difficult time? What can I do? Before I managed to take three steps my oldest son Samuel had already reached him and said, “Here Caleb, you can have my balloon.”

I stood there amazed at what Samuel was willing to do to help his brother. He gave up his balloon to bring him comfort during his difficult time. Caleb looked at his brother, stopped crying and said with a teary voice, “Thanks Sam!” He immediately stopped weeping. It brought such joy to my heart to see that.

At that moment I thought, “That’s what God is like!” Friends, God is trying to help us see that He is near. He truly cares about us. I encourage you to allow God the opportunity to let you see that it is true, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1.


Johnny Dinzey

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