I was rushing around trying to cook soup beans and bake homemade bread for the funeral of an old gentleman who was instrumental in starting the Church I go to in our town.  His daughter told me she went to get him from the Nursing Home for Christmas Dinner and that all he wanted was my soup beans.  He died before he could have them so she wanted me to fix them for the dinner after his funeral.
Because it was Christmas Time the florist was closed.  I was the Treasurer of the Church so I needed to go to the local grocery store and get some fresh flowers to represent our church.  I didn’t have a car and the grocery store was over a mile away.  After putting the beans on to cook I was kneading the bread to go with the beans, and left it to rise as I hurried off to the store.  I prayed and prayed that someone would be there that I knew, and would give me a ride home before my bread got ruined.  The clerk found me a couple dozen beautiful long stemmed red roses.  As I was going to the checkout counter a friend saw me and asked me if I needed a ride home.  God is so Good!
That might have been the end of the story, but God has a way of allowing one thing to happen in answer to something else that is going to happen.
About a week later I was shopping at this same grocery store.  When I came out of the store heading home someone called to me.  It was the lady that had given me the ride home.  She had another lady with her so I went back to tell the other lady how God had used this lady to answer my prayers so I could get home before my bread was ruined.
After I got finished  telling her I headed home in a different direction I don’t usually take so I could avoid a young man I saw in the parking lot who had been in an automobile accident which had left him mentally challenged.  He would try to get women to go into his home.  He had been beaten up many times, and sometimes seriously by husbands.  He had even touched me and blocked my way past him and would tell me he was lonely.  He had followed me a couple times before and I was fearful he would find out where I lived.
On this route as I walked down the street near a second hand store I smelled a natural gas leak.  I told a lady that worked in the store, and she came to check it out, but couldn’t smell anything.  I couldn’t either.  I knew I had smelled the gas.  I kept walking back and forth, back and forth, and then all of a sudden I could smell the gas again.  Then, she could, too.  She said, “You can’t always smell it.”  I figure it must have leaked out intermittently.   God is so good.  He had me there at the very time that I could smell it as I walked by.  I went home and called the gas company and found out that the lady from the store had also called the gas company.
We never know how God is going to use us even when we get diverted from the familiar paths we often take.


If you could but know what tomorrow would bring,
Would you do what you’re doing or change anything?
The future is a mystery to all of us here,
But, if our lives are surrendered to God we have nothing to fear.

By Norma Wellman 3ABN Prayer Warrior

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