"My Strong Young Man"

Daniel is my strong young man,
God will help you all He can.
If you let Him you will see,
You’ll be as happy as can be.
Take each day as it comes along,
Fill your heart with laughter and a song.
Don’t fret and worry and pine away,
Trust in your Saviour from day to day.
A fleeting moment is each life,
Filled with joys and some strife.
Do your best in all you do,
And you’ll be happy when this life is through.
When in this life you surrender your will,
The Holy Spirit with love will your heart fill.
Make a commitment to your Dear Friend,
And eternal life with Him you will spend.

Daniel wasn’t strong in muscle or brawn, but in tenderhearted compassion.  He wasn’t perfect, but your normal young man growing up in a family with two brothers, and a baby sister.
He loved our dog Sandy and there was a rival between him and his younger brother on whose turn it was for Sandy to sleep with at night.  When it was his brother’s turn to sleep with her, he would wait until his brother got to sleep and then he would whistle for Sandy to come to him.
When he grew up and ventured out on his own he moved to Georgia, found a wife, and settled down.  They loved to go hunting and camping together.  One night they went camping beside a pond.  They cleared a spot for their tent, cooked supper by the fire, and settled down for the night.  They had been out camping many nights when it was chilly so they put their Hibachi and Coleman Lantern in the tent on those nights.
In the morning Daniel’s wife woke up and saw that the Lantern was flickering so tried to awaken Daniel to stoke the Lantern, but she couldn’t awaken him.  She was feeling sick herself and stumbled up the lane to a cabin or house and called for help.  She found out later that she had been bitten by a snake and was admitted to the hospital.
The Coroner ruled that Daniel was asphyxiated, but his wife thought he was bitten by the same snake that bit her which was probably a Cotton Mouth Snake.
Later, after the funeral when I was working in a hospital as an aide I talked to a patient that was a mortician and asked him, given the circumstances, what he thought could have caused my son’s death.  Daniel, was a cuddly person.  His wife slept in his arms.  His  arm that she laid on had turned purple and there was a mark on his lower lip like the one on her hand that had been bitten.  The Mortician told me that he thought that his death was caused by the snake bite, because you can’t get the blood to coagulate if a person is asphyxiated.
It didn’t make any difference to me how he died.  He was gone. and he didn’t know when he went to sleep that he wasn’t going to awaken the next morning.  I trust God.  He knows why, and He’s teaching me to trust Him no matter what the circumstances may be.

He went to sleep excited for the new day to break,
Death came during the night and he doesn’t know he didn’t wake.
He had so many plans as young men often do,
Not realizing that time has a way of running out on you.
Happiness can be a fleeting thing in this life today,
So treasure it if it should come your way.
You may never get another chance to know your Special Friend,
Don’t miss this opportunity before your life should end.

By Norma Wellman 3ABN Prayer Warrior

Compassion In Competition